If you can accept the theory that one’s history is often a predictor of one’s future, then we have some interesting realities to share that might give a lot of voters reason to adjust their expectations.

From this observer’s perspective, no matter who wins the White House in November, nothing major will change. We know the following may be depressing for voters who still believe in America’s political process, but if those voters took a moment to review the last eight years realistically, they’d quickly understand where we’re heading with today’s post.
As stated above, it’s really of little consequence which candidate wins the presidency in November, if that candidate’s Party can’t win the House of Representatives and the Senate as well by historic margins. And everyone knows that’s not gonna happen. But even if it did, the likelihood of all those “politicians” remaining committed to the same principles for any length of time is highly unlikely, given the vast differences in the constituents they represent. Without an overwhelming mandate given to one political Party by “We The people”, the stage will be automatically set for what we’ve had for the last eight years. Gridlock and finger-pointing.
For the sake of argument, we’ll start with the long shot, Bernie Sanders. What if Bernie Sanders suddenly decided to run as an Independent out of frustration with the DNC and actually defeated Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in the general election. Don’t laugh, anything is possible. While his supporters will be dancing in the streets, it wouldn’t be long before the music stopped, because the same corporate paid jackals in Congress that thwarted the Obama administration at every turn, will still be there to slow Sanders’ roll to a full stop. Sanders’ hopeful supporters should be prepared for this.
For the sake of argument, let’s say there is no God and Hillary Clinton prevailed in this unholy race for the White House. Despite Clinton’s claims that Bernie Sanders’ policies are too grand to be possible and her pragmatic approach will be far more achievable, to think the GOP will be willing to cooperate with her anymore than they did with Barack Obama is delusional. Republican voters will demand the GOP stand their ground on every issue and they will. Any major policies that can be slowed down until derailed will be slowed down until derailed. Clinton’s bamboozled supporters should be aware of this.
For the sake of argument, what if Donald Trump actually beats the odds, the pundits, the GOP, the DNC and the Sanders’ Independent revolution by winning the White House? Don’t laugh, anything is possible. But with all the enemies Trump has made along the way, they’ll be so many entities, Left, Right and Center looking for payback and chomping at the bit to sabotage any and everything he tries to get done, it won’t be long before Trump realizes being president is nothing like being a king. If he thinks the culture of Washington D.C. is gonna bow down to his highness from “The Donald’s” sheer magnetism, he’s even more delusional than Hillary Clinton. Trump’s clueless supporters are too angry to understand this.

Bottom line: While the 2016 presidential election has been exciting, entertaining, enlightening and without a doubt extremely exasperating, it’s also  wasted a lot of time, money, energy and emotional investment. For one to expect Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump to deliver much of anything they’ve proposed during this race for the White House, one would have to ignore the recent history of American politics. Remember, if one’s history is a predictor of one’s future, tomorrow is gonna look a lot like yesterday. Sorry to burst your bubbles, but a dose of reality was called for today.

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