Issues Under Fire: “45”: Leader or Lunatic? It’s Time to Make that Call
If you’ve been following the daily coverage of Donald Trump since he entered the Oval Office, you’ve heard the rumors of his questionable fitness to lead America and the so-called free world. You’ve heard Senator Bob Corker calling “45” unstable. You’ve heard Senator John McCain calling “45’s” political philosophy half-baked and spurious. You’ve also heard of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson calling “45” a “F—ing” moron. And although Tillerson refuses to confirm or deny that unprecedented accusation, if these not so subtle remarks are even remotely true, then perhaps the North Koreans were correct in calling Donald Trump a Dotard (Old Lunatic). Continue reading at your own risk, because it only gets worse.
Having to admit a friend, colleague or relative may be suffering from mental illness can be difficult and embarrassing. Mental illness can be uncomfortable for many because by its very nature mental maladies create an environment of uncertainty, unpredictability and instability. And when people are determined to be uncertain, unpredictable and unstable, it’s difficult to hold them accountable for their actions. This is why the world is in such a precarious predicament. “45” is screwy, but America can’t admit it yet. Doing so would only create more uncertainty, unpredictability and instability around the world.
Imagine if America’s adversaries and allies alike concluded that a total screwball occupied the White House. How would they process the fact that a looney-tune had unfettered access to the most lethal military assets in the world? What would they think? What would they do? Still, a more frightening question would be, what could they do? “45” could order a drone strike on anybody at anytime, anyplace on the planet as easily as we could order take out Chinese for lunch.  “45” could trigger a full scale military conflict with a Tweet. And from our own reporting of the North Korean nuclear issue, that could happen at any moment. 
Fortunately, this week “45” has limited his hair trigger aggressions to the NFL, the NFL players, the media, aka Fake News, Barack Obama, Puerto Rico and any politician who’d dare to disagree with him. But because of his mental deficiencies, that could all change in a heartbeat. For no rational reason whatsoever, “45” could unleash his irrational fury against the international community (friends and foes alike) for even the slightest perceived slights. With this in mind, the world finds itself walking on eggshells. Biting their tongues and biding their time, leaders around the world are smartly handling Trump with kid gloves. They can’t afford to risk a mad man’s wrath. In this case, patience is not merely a virtue, it’s the world’s only option.
Bottom line: The world has never been in such a vulnerable state as it exists today. Neither we, nor anyone else of sound mind on this planet, are sleeping comfortably at night knowing our fates rest in the hands of the unhinged. Be it a domestic issue or a foreign policy concern, we have a certifiable loose cannon on board and he’s steering a ship of fools (his political base) into the abyss of his own personal lunacy. We simply cannot allow him to take the rest of us down with him. Podcast below.