Issues Under Fire: “45”, UN General Assembly and the Absurdity of it All
For those who pay close attention to world affairs, you’re going to be disappointed by the list of attendees at this year’s U.N. General Assembly. Missing will be Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi jinping. Without these two critical political A-listers present, it almost begs one to wonder, what’s the point?
If ever there was a time for the planet’s most powerful leaders to sit down and discuss in earnest, a way to avoid military conflict, this is it. With the U.S.’s warmongering, anorexic Nikki Haley expressing a willingness to start some shit, conversations at the highest levels are called for now. Nothing less will do.
Can you imagine if Putin, Xi and “45” could’ve used the opportunity sit down in private and discuss America’s nuclear standoff with North Korea? Perhaps they could’ve tried to convince the American “Twittiot” of the obvious. North Korea is America’s problem, not theirs. North Korea isn’t pointing missiles or threatening them. In fact, North Korea isn’t pointing missiles or threatening anyone that’s not pointing missiles or threatening North Korea. 
From Russia and China’s perspective, if the United States would reduce its military presence in the region, there would be no problem. But most importantly, Russia and China could’ve made the case, that if the United States stopped demanding others did as it says and not as it does, tensions around the world would diminish considerably. 
Neither Russia nor China can see the upside in helping the United States undermine North Korea’s economy to break the will of Pyongyang’s leadership. It’s simply not in their interest to allow the regime of North Korea to be changed. Russia and China would rather have Kim Jong-un as a neighbor than the United States. 
The region’s status quo suits Russian and Chinese strategic interests and always has. North Korea’s continued development of its nuclear program has never been considered an existential threat to Russia or China. Quite the contrary. North Korea serves as a comfortable buffer between Russia, China and the ever encroaching West.
Unfortunately, what the world will witness this week is a litany of dire warnings and threats against North Korea and Iran from the United States and Israel. “45” will rail against Kim Jung-un, aka “Rocket Man”, as being reckless and provocative, while Israeli Prime Minister “Bibi” calls for the dismantling of the Iran nuclear deal done with the Obama administration and the rest of the civilized world. 
Bottom line: Yes, at the end of the day, it’ll all come down to two nuclear armed nations demanding others disarm and remain that way. They’ll make this argument in the interest of their own national security, without the slightest regard for anyone else’s. And yes, they’ll expect to be taken seriously. The absurdity of it all is amazing, but this is how the world works and always has. Podcast below