Issues Under Fire: #45 Vs. Rocket Man: One is Screwy, But Which One?
Donald Trump called North Korea’s Kim Jong-un “Rocket Man”- a crazy, reckless, unpredictable nut job. Kim Jong-un’s representative called Donald Trump a Dotard. I had to look that one up. A Dotard is defined as a state or period of senile decay marked by decline of mental poise. The word’s literal Korean translation is “old lunatic.”  Since the conflict between the U.S. and North Korea has devolved into each leader challenging the other’s mental stability, we thought it might be interesting to figure out who’s correct. Considering there’s so much anecdotal evidence swirling around Donald Trump’s reputation, it made sense to evaluate him first.
On the campaign trail, Donald Trump was seen as a joke, a fraud, a fake and a phony. For the most part, Trump wasn’t even taken that seriously. Donald Trump was just entertainment. He was never supposed to win the presidency. But when he did, the joke was on the world because this fraud, fake and phony was seriously flawed. Undisciplined, egotistical, narcissistic and pathological liar are terms regularly used to describe Donald Trump by mental health professionals who’ve assessed his public behavior.
Daily, Donald Trump is called out for being unfit to serve as President. And lately, it’s been members of his own Party. More and more, stories are being written questioning Trumps mental stability. Even those who wish him well openly question Trump’s ability to stay focused and on message. The public is constantly reminded Donald Trump may have trouble understanding how the United States government works or his place in that government. It may be just me, but when I see Donald Trump on television, he seems like someone acting sane for the cameras, but there’s a struggle going on to maintain the facade.
On the other side of the ledger, we have Kim Jong-un. You’ll find media professionals calling Pyongyang’s leader off his rocker, a screwball, a whack job and worse. When it comes to the rogue ruler, he’s been called every kind of mad man there is. But beyond standing up to the United States, there’s little evidence to suggest Kim is actually crazy. Perhaps, most would consider threatening the most powerful nation on the planet with annihilation when you can barely feed your people is beyond reason, but from Kim’s perspective, standing up to the United States isn’t an act of insanity – it’s an act of self-preservation. 
Few have ever seen Kim Jong-un give a speech, an interview or make public appearances. He is isolated. Nobody has access to this man but his closest confidants. And they’re sworn to secrecy. I find it difficult to understand why many have concluded Kim is screwy. Unlike Donald Trump, there is far less data or evidence available to make a case one way or the other regarding Kim’s mental status. If anything, Kim could be considered shrewd, decisive and resolute. If you think it through, Kim Jong-un has kept the world at bay and off balance long enough to complete his nuclear program and the most powerful nation in the world is powerless to stop him. 
Bottom line: If Kim Jong-un is a mad man, he’s hiding his mania a lot better than Donald Trump is hiding his.