Issues Under Fire: Solution to America’s Heroin Epidemic: Junkie Colonies
Always on the bleeding edge of providing solutions to daunting social problems, we’re prepared today to tackle America’s dope addiction epidemic. The secret is out. America’s mainstream population is mainlining dope in record numbers. People from all walks of life are choosing an alternate state of mind to escape the harsh realities facing them. Lately, it’s become difficult to find someone who doesn’t know or live with somebody who’s getting fucked up on the regular. No matter who you speak to, the stories are similar. “I had no idea, until valuables started disappearing around the house.”
With all the data available about the horrors of dope and how those horrors have destroyed some of the best amongst us, one would think dope addictions, as we’ve come to know them, would’ve run their course. One need only look back as far as the 80’s and 90’s to see how dope ravaged Black America. Crack cocaine so decimated the African American demographic, that community is still reeling from the after effects to this day. In that epidemic, only the strongest survived. Those who weren’t fucked up from using dope, were locked up for selling it. Yet, with this ugly history, dope has made a comeback and in a big way. The question is why.
Unfortunately, the why is as ugly as it is simple. Americans are unhappy. Americans are stressed out. Americans are overworked, underpaid and have absolutely nothing to look forward to. In the eyes of many, America has no future and if that’s their reality, neither do they. When decent jobs are hard to find and the cost of living continues to outpace the masses, the way forward looks bleak. Getting fucked up changes all that. Getting fucked up eases one’s pain. When you’re fucked up you don’t care.
In fact, getting fucked up has become the preferred solution to the pain of losing in life. If you know you’re destined to be one of life’s losers, why continue to participate? Those who can’t cope or keep up see dope as their salvation, because dope don’t judge. And neither should we. Rather than beat them down and lock them up, dopers should be allowed to get fucked up all they want and we should provide any drug they choose for free. But before you gasp in terror, let us explain.
Accepting the reality that not all are prepared for or capable of dealing with the challenges of surviving in a highly competitive capitalist society, we suggest providing weaker souls with a humane way out. We recommend Junkie Colonies. These colonies will offer a space where those who want to turn on and tune out can do so without fear of arrest or societal scorn. If the dopers want to live out their lives in a fog, they can do so without causing harm to anyone but themselves. If you can’t envision what a Junkie Colony would like, think of shantytowns or refugee camps. This will appeal to the taxpayers footing the bill. There’ll be dope dispensaries on every corner. Crack, Heroin, Meth, you name it, they can have it. And they can have all they want, as long as they remain within the confines of the junkie colony.
Let’s face it, once addicted, the junkie can no longer be trusted. There’s no lie they won’t tell and nobody they won’t try to cheat or steal from, as along as they’re chasing their next high. When junkies becomes slaves to their addictions, isolation is the only humane answer. We can protect ourselves from friends and relatives who can’t or won’t help themselves, while at the same time, not criminalizing and demonizing their shortcomings.
While food, clothing and other living essentials must be provided to meet basic needs, one should consider this expense will be a pittance compared to the unsustainable cost of catching, convicting and incarcerating repeat dope criminals. Besides, dopers don’t eat a lot of food or worry about clean clothing and personal hygiene. Additionally, the average life span of the hardcore doper is about five years. And that number will be significantly reduced when dopers are given unlimited access to their favorite drugs. For the few who decide they wanna make an effort to rejoin the sober world, junkie rehabilitation will always be made available. 
Bottom line: America is about to enter some very dark times. And given who’s being considered to lead this nation during this period, some can see the dead carcass of the American dream in their nightly nightmares. In our view, it would be tantamount to cruel and inhumane punishment to force the weak to live a  life of hopelessness without offering them a means to escape. Podcast below.