If This is How Democrats Plan to Save DACA, Dreamers Should Start Packing Bags Now
Forget the blame. Let’s examine what actually happened in this stunning display of political miscalculations. Democratic leadership embarrassed and angered the Progressive wing of the Party for starting a fight it was ill-prepared to win. While many would argue the Dreamers’ plight is more than a worthy issue to stand one’s ground, many more would argue shutting down the government requires an issue that impacts a majority of  Americans and not just a pitiful few.
Had Democrats taken a principled stance against funding the Wall, or the record request of nearly $700 billion in military spending, or the impending health-care crises, they could’ve shown Americans what they stood to gain from the government shutdown. Sure, the DACA sob story is a real heartbreaker, as most Americans feel their pain and anguish. But after all is said and done, it’s always about WIIFM!
Had Chuck Schumer stood on the Senate floor and threatened to shut the government down before offering one penny for the Wall beyond repairs, tech improvements, and additional border security agents, he would have stood on sturdier ground. Had Schumer argued spending $20 billion for an ineffective Wall, when upgrading America’s crumbling roads, bridges and tunnels is long overdue, he would’ve captured the nation’s imagination. If Schumer pointed out how many good paying jobs would be created with an immediate infusion of infrastructure spending, voters would’ve seen the upside to the shutdown.
Had Chuck Schumer stood on the Senate floor and said the Democrats would shut down the government before agreeing to the massive increases in the defense budget, “We the People” would’ve wanted to hear more. Had he argued voting for $700 billion in defense expenditures, after the GOP controlled Congress just cut taxes by $1.5 trillion, would literally gut America’s social safety net, Schumer would’ve been infinitely more successful taking a stand on social programs for the poor, seniors, young adults, and women. Democrats, Progressives, and Independents would’ve understood. 
Had Chuck Schumer stood on the Senate floor and refused to sign-off on another CR (Continuing Resolution) to keep the government open until Congress conceded to working with Democrats to shore-up what’s left of Obama-Care, he would’ve had an undivided audience. Americans are well aware, that if Congress is allowed to sit on its ass and kick this can down the road, the inevitable rate increases will eventually price millions out of the market. If Schumer used this opportunity to remind Americans the GOP had done all it could to repeal the Affordable Care Act, but did little, if anything to replace it, even government employees would’ve kept an open mind.
Bottom line: The Democrats should seriously consider fresh leadership immediately because the current cast of characters should’ve been far more in touch with what moved its constituents emotionally and what moved its constituents to act. It’s clear those responsible for this half-baked, poorly conceived, political showdown were clueless when it came to fully understanding which issues Americans would fight for and which issues they could live with. If a halfhearted commitment to debate the DACA issue is all the Democrats could get for shutting the government down, Dreamers should start packing their bags now. Podcast below.