All Things Considered, Trump’s Speech Left the True State of the Union Unclear
Now that the dust has settled, it’s time to take a sobering look at what was said and what went unsaid during Donald Trump’s first State of the Union address. If you recall, we predicted Trump would ignore the one issue that’s negatively impacting the entire country and will only worsen going forward. And he did. It’s the one issue the entire world, free or not, is desperately searching for solutions. It’s the one issue the United States is uniquely suited to take a lead in, creating technologies and promoting innovative policies that could solve this issue. The issue is Climate Change. And if Climate Change could be ignored when evaluating the State of the Union, it would be too much to expect the following issues to get much attention.
Making an improving economy, an exploding stock market and the passage of his tax reform bill a central theme of his State of the Union address, Donald Trump seemed to ignore the growing issue of income inequality in America. Sure, Trump’s tax talked about jobs being generated and bonuses being handed out since corporate tax rates were cut, but not peep about the hopeless disparity between the mega-rich and the financial ceiling most American families hit well before 60k per year. And those are the lucky ones. Many are managing on far less and working two or more jobs to do so. 
While Donald Trump spoke proudly of eliminating Obama-Care’s individual mandate in his State of the Union address, he curiously neglected to mention the state of America’s healthcare. While Donald Trump did indeed repeal much of Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act, he never spoke a word about a replacement. Americans are facing cost increases, stripped down medical plans and even the return of exclusion by pre-existing conditions in some states in the very near future, Trump and the GOP for all intents and purposes have moved on. We find it difficult to believe the state of American healthcare has nothing to do with the state of the Union. 
When considering the State of the Union, one would think the state of America’s social safety net would be at the top of the list of issues to be emphasized. If the state of a nation can be judged by how it cares and provides for the elderly, the children, the sick and the poor, then it would make sense to tout adequate funding being set aside to meet the needs and challenges average Americans face every day. When someone is too old or too ill to work, loses a job and can’t find another or finds housing unaffordable at any price, one would think the richest person ever to occupy the Oval Office would’ve taken the opportunity to show the state of America’s compassion for and generosity towards those who have the least amongst us.
Still, for women, the most vexing of all issues to be ignored in Trump’s State of the Union address was their issues. With millions marching in the streets demanding equal pay for equal work, reproductive freedom while protesting violence against them, one would think Donald Trump would’ve used his State of the Union address to showcase what his administration is doing to address the needs, challenges, and concerns of women. And considering women represent 51 percent of America’s population, it’s impossible to discuss the state of this nation without giving due attention to the critical issues affecting their lives. 
Bottom line: To ignore the issues of climate change, healthcare, the nation’s social safety net, as well as issues American woman feel are of uppermost importantance in their lives, is to ignore the true state of America’s union. But, that’s precisely what Donald Trump did. And by the way, we didn’t even mention the state of race relations in America. That’ll be a story for another day. Podcast below