Today’s planned podcast and post was to explain and explore some real possibilities of living abroad for those willing to expand their personal comfort zones.

We found serious options in places and spaces around the world that has enviable living standards, with well educated and cultured people in safe and secure metropolitan settings. And all at a cost far less than what one would spend to live in the United States. Well, that was the plan.
Unfortunately, that’ll have to wait due to what’s being revealed daily throughout this America’s 2016 election process. Since one would have to be deaf, dumb and blind not to recognize how little the American political process resembles what we’ve heretofore called Democracy, we’d be remiss in our responsibilities not to explain and explore some real possibilities of living with dignity in America for those willing to expand their political comfort zones.
After observing the latest flagrant efforts of the Republican Party to undermine Donald Trump and his supporters, while at the same time observing the Democratic Party lowering the expectations of Progressives and Liberals by packaging the corporate sponsored Hillary Clinton as a woman of the people, we knew “We The People” were being played for suckers.
Think of it – if we could predict with confidence and certainty who America’s choices for president in November of 2016 would be long ago (and we did), while the mainstream media was pretending this was a real contest, the fix had to be in the mix. As previously stated, Donald Trump had the money to fight his way through the bull sh*t and Wall Street and other special interests paid handsomely for Hillary Clinton’s service and support.
While Donald Trump supporters will eventually realize they’ve got an asshole representing them, at least he’s their asshole. However, Progressives and Liberals have no idea who Hillary Clinton will represent. They can only be sure she won’t be representing them.
While it may be too late to stop the establishment’s political machine in 2016, if American voters are angry enough, they’ll start grassroots organizing and crowd funding of political Parties and candidates to represent “We The People” right now. If the American voters are smart enough, they’ll be prepared to challenge the establishment’s two Party system in 2020. The stranglehold of the DNC and RNC over the American political process must be broken. There is no other way, save for blood in the streets and nobody here is advocating that.
However, if you’re supporting Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump you’re more than likely a pissed off voter. Pissed off voters are more than likely principled voters and pissed off and principled voters are less likely to compromise their principles just to see a “Democrat” or “Republican” in the White House. These pissed off and principled voters want change. And since they’re convinced the system is rigged and weighted against them, they have nothing to lose by seeking another way. Besides, there’s too much money and momentum left on the table not to take the movement to the next level.
Bottom line: Since American’s elitist two party system has consistently failed to govern, legislate or even deliver on the smallest of promises, those identifying themselves as Independents and other now outnumber the politically ignorant still clinging to the past. They know now, their growing numbers means their power is growing and if used wisely, that power will be used to achieve the change they’re seeking. If American’s next revolution can be started with a third Party, the days of the DNC and RNC recruiting and grooming political hacks to “represent” the American voter’s interest may be over.
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