As reported by the : The presidents of Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan on Friday signed an agreement for cooperation in security, economics and social policy. The agreement, available on the Pakistani government’s official website, states the three nations “pledged to enhance cooperation among the countries comprehensively for realizing the shared aspiration of their peoples for peace, security, stability and economic prosperity.” 

The President of Pakistan went so far as to state, his nation would fight on the side of Iran no matter who the foe. This alone should scare the living bejesus out of American taxpayers being asked to continuing funding for military engagements in the region under such conditions. 

With the Taliban urging Afghans to kill all invaders for setting the Holy Koran ablaze, one can only surmise those so called talks the US we’re trying to kick start may not go over so well now. If only these type of incidents could be curtailed, perhaps the US and its allies could find a graceful face saving exit from this theater of hostilities. Unfortunately, the US has failed to field a professionally trained military force with a clear understanding of the adversary’s culture. 

Despite all the hype over the quality and comptneacies of America’s fighting prowess, there are a lot of second third and forth stringers being accepted to represent the country on the field of battle. Consequently, the entire Islamic world is being lead to believe the global war on terror is merely a cover for the global persecution of those practicing the Islamic faith. On the other hand, the Taliban, Afghan or Pakistani are now moving closer to hooking up with Iran. 

When video surfaces of US servicemen urinating on the bodies of dead Afghans, hundreds of noncombatants being killed in NATO drone strikes both in Afghanistan and Pakistan its a lead pipe cinch all these entities would eventually line up against the West. We seriously doubt, any more heartfelt apologies or hurried cultural sensitivity training is going to right any more of these types of wrongs. After leaving a sectarian mess in Iraq and gift wrapping what was left of that country for the Iranians the US and the West have effectively painted themselves into an inescapable box. 

Having accepted that premise, it seems as though the US may find itself fighting everyone everywhere at the same time. Good luck with funding that party!