Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran is facing a tough reception from special interest groups that are making every attempt to derail an invitation extended by Columbia University to address the students and faculty. Many of those expressing their anger and disgust for Ahmadinejad’s very presence on U. S. soil are planning rallies and protest as well as taking actions to undermine the university with the threat of pulling funding and financial support.

The university’s president Lee Bollinger will probably pay dearly for going against the grain in this highly charged atmosphere of anti-anything and anybody that may wish to seek alternative views expressed when it comes to
U. S. Mid-East policies and the continued unfettered support for the State of Israel.
We don’t have to be reminded that President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has made outlandish statements regarding the facts of the holocaust, as anyone that even remotely paid attention in school got the full story on that unparalleled tragic breakdown of humanity. Anyone with cable gets a steady lesson in the rise and fall of the third Reich. Americans are no fools to forget the names of Hitler, SS Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler Reinhard Heydrich,
Adolf EichmannErnst Kaltenbrunner, Rudolf HoessJosef MengeleSS Hauptsturmführer Alois Brunner or Klaus Barbie, among many others.
The birth of the State of Israel as a result of the genocide committed against the Jews is well documented and the feelings by those who support its continued existence are equally and justly documented.

This is why we wonder what is precipitating the massive effort to silence the Iranian president from speaking at an institution of higher learning, a place for exchange of ideas, intellectual growth and stimulation. Do his foes among special interest groups and prepaid politicians here in this country lack the confidence of our best and brightest to be able to see through any attempt to rewrite history right before their eyes? Do they really think our most academically fit and qualified will fail to vigorously query and challenge the Iranian president on his past statements, while pressing him on issues that affect the safety and security of our country as well as the security and stability of the Middle East? Do they have so little faith in us as a nation to be able to listen to radical views from the head of a foreign state, without being so gullible as to reject what we know as truth, that they’d take steps to block our right to listen and make those important decisions for our selves? Have they forgotten this country is well equipped and educated to spot a lie from a politician, any politician of any party or country? Don’t they realize we have been lied to, scammed and bamboozled by our nation’s best?

No, in the final analysis we reject the motives and methods being employed by the special interest groups to deny the much needed dialog and debate between our nation’s intellectual capital and the world at large, no matter how well intentioned. We are big boys and girls in this country and the last thing America needs right now is some narrowly focused minority interest, filtering what we, the vast majority, hear, see and read. We say thank you very much, but we still reserve the right to witness events, evaluate them and reach conclusions for ourselves. If in fact those among us are so offended, horrified and abhorred by what the president of Iran has to say, they can exercise their right not to listen.