Issues Under Fire: How America Governs Through Organized Chaos
Wall Street Tumbles Again, Government Shutdown Again, Dreamers in Limbo Again, U.S. Air-Strikes in Syria Begin Again. Any one of these headlines could feed the next 24-hour news cycle all by themselves. After another 1000+ point drop on the DOW within the last few days, some people are getting nervous, and they’re looking for answers. After another government shutdown in less than three weeks, more people are getting nervous, and they’re looking for answers. After another major Dreamers letdown, as many as 1.8 million people are getting nervous, and they’re desperate for answers. After another hint of military mission-creep in the Middle East, the world is getting nervous again and again looking for answers. Sadly, answers to these tough question are in short supply these days.
Wall Street remains a mystery. After adding 200K jobs to the workforce, with a reported 2.9% rise in wages, it almost seems counterintuitive for the stock market to react so violently. Earlier in the week, the “experts” said algorithmic trading may have played a role in Monday’s massive downturn. Then the “experts” said the market was experiencing a long overdue correction. Now the “experts” are saying the threat of inflation and rising interest rates are at the root of the market’s volatility. One can only hope the “experts” know what they’re talking about because we don’t.
With the government closing its doors a second time in less than three weeks, even for a few hours, it forces one to wonder who’s in charge, if anybody. It certainly can’t be the man occupying the Oval Office, because Donald Trump said shutting down the government would be a good thing. Trump said he’d love to see the government shutdown if the issues surrounding border security, chain migration and the visa lottery diversity program weren’t addressed to his satisfaction. As Senate and House members struggle for a budget compromise, the White House remains fixated on building a wall to keep MS-13 and drugs out of America. Hopefully, somebody thinks this madness makes sense because we don’t.
While House minority leader Nancy Pelosi gave an admirable record-breaking performance on the House floor pleading a case for the Dreamers, at the end of the day, House Democrats will sign-off on a budget deal to fund the government (specifically the military) and bring home some bacon to assuage the ire of Progressives. Following the lead of Senate minority leader, Chuck Schumer, House Democrats will settle for a promise to debate the fate of DACA recipients later. But for many Dreamers, later could be too little too late. After paying $495 to apply for DACA and another $85 biometrics fee (fingerprinting and photos) they sit and wait years for Congress to do the right thing. Hopefully, some among these trusting souls (some say suckers) still feel America will answer their prayers, because we don’t.
While the international community had been led to believe hostilities were waning in Syria, out of the clear blue skies comes U.S. air strikes, reportedly killing more than 100 pro-Assad fighters. U.S. officials said the strikes were in response to an unprovoked attack against U.S. backed forces fighting ISIS. The Syrian government called the strikes a war crime. And if that’s true, it’s also a violation of Syrian sovereignty, as well as a flagrant disregard for international law. However, as these events go, it’s unlikely we’ll ever know the truth surrounding this incident. Still, Americans should know why the U.S. remains in Syria. They have a right to know what the mission is, how long it’ll take and how much that mission will cost. Unfortunately, if you have any confidence the American people will be told WTF is really going on in Syria, you’re in a minority, because we don’t.
Bottom line: This is what organized chaos, poor leadership, incompetent oversight and corrupt governance looks like. The only thing Americans can be certain of is perpetual uncertainty. It’s no wonder most haven’t a clue as to who’s driving the bus or who’ll be thrown underneath it next. If our suspicions are correct, there’s no responsible entity behind the scenes making responsible decisions, let alone developing policies to keep America in the middle of a rocky road. And while some feel America is resilient enough to self-correct, one can only hope they’re right, because we don’t. Podcast below.