After observing America’s primary process of selecting the nation’s next Commander-in-Chief, we’ve come to the conclusion that the American voter failed miserably when tested.

Even in an open book examination, access to the internet and answers to the test left out in the open, American voters managed to find themselves on the brink of nominating the two least likable and trustworthy politicians the two Party system could produce. And this is unacceptable.
Since only a “Crook” like Hillary Clinton or a “Crazy” like Donald Trump could’ve gotten this far because American voters weren’t paying attention or doing their homework, they must spend some time this summer figuring out how, why and WTF went so wrong. Republican voters must ask themselves, how it was possible that a maniac like Trump could be their last nut standing. Democrats must ask themselves why Clinton (Queen of Corruption) didn’t have more challengers. And both must acknowledge the legions of poorly educated and under informed that currently swell their ranks.
summer_school_sucks2These fundamental questions go to the very core of what’s really wrong with America’s two Party system and until Republican and Democrat voters can answer them, they’re really not qualified to participate in the political process any further. Of course, they can if they want to. But if a majority of Democrat and Republican voters could look at an untrustworthy Hillary Clinton and an unhinged Donald Trump and still find either remotely acceptable, then these voters probably can’t even trust themselves, because they too, may be unhinged as well. In our analysis, they’re only hurting themselves.
With all the lies, pandering and fear-mongering of America’s hopelessly flawed and corrupt political establishments being exposed, one would think voters would have taken the time to consider alternatives and options like a revolution or anarchy. And when you think it through, how much worse could an economically triggered political revolution be than the election of Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.
Okay, so you’re not that fed up. But, what about a third Party? What about a forth Party? Is that so radical? Is that so beyond the realm of possibilities? Is that too much for American voters to handle? We say no and the American voter should’ve, too. Hillary Clinton’s and Donald Trump’s characters, backgrounds, and histories have been well documented and easily checkable. American voters should have seen these creatures for what they were and prepared themselves for the worst.
When it became blatantly obvious the system was rigged, the establishment Parties were playing favorites, and America’s mainstream media was complicit in the political stage crafting, it was incumbent upon American voters to do their due diligence. It was the American voter’s responsibility to challenge the system with tough questions and not accept pre-packaged talking points. It was the American voter’s duty to demand better than what was being forced upon them. In our final analysis, it’s the American voter’s fault, they got what they got.
Bottom line: The American voter had every opportunity to consider the political platforms of alternative political Parties. They had ample time to understand what alternatives like the Libertarian and Green Parties stand for, believe in and support. The American voter had plenty of chances to get to know the positions, characters and proposals of alternative Party candidates and which ones had plans and visions they could get behind and push forward. But since they didn’t, American voters will have to take a crash course this summer, before it’s too late. Dissatisfied and disillusioned voters can Start Here.
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