Supporting The Asshole:

If you think America’s so-called news media is under serving the needs of its audiences, you’d be wrong, because the problem is a lot worse than you think.

Over the past 72 hours, just about every news media outlet claiming to be responsible for ferreting out the who what when where and hows of WTF is going on, let a total asshole take control of the U.S. political process through his social media account. Relying primarily on Twitter, this asshole has been doing nothing but picking fights and name calling, all in an effort to avoid addressing the issues.

While one can’t deny its all been very entertaining, one has to realize the country is being snookered. So far, the majority of the 2016 presidential election coverage has devolved into an asshole watch. What did the asshole say today? What will the asshole do tomorrow? Who will the asshole insult next week? When will the asshole Tweet again? If only someone would ask, why and how this asshole is getting away with being an asshole?

Unfortunately, the why and how of this asshole’s success in running a sham campaign may be simpler than we think. Perhaps the asshole has wisely calculated Americans are so star struck by celebrities and wealth, they can’t tell reality from “reality” anymore. Perhaps the American people have been primed for just such a scam. After being saturated with years of inane, mind-numbing non-sense disguised as Cable News, perhaps the American audience wouldn’t understand or appreciate serious journalism, even if it could save their lives.

With a fully complicit corporate news media desperate for ad dollars, this asshole is attempting to perpetrate the greatest fraud in American political history. Following the asshole’s every move like a pack of starving flies, so-called “news professionals” have done everything, up to and including kissing this asshole’s ass. For access, a sound bite, a favorable tweet or showing up at a debate, members of the Forth Estate have found it more profitable and career enhancing to coddle this asshole than to expose him.

Bottom line: Its become painfully obvious to this observer, the American political process has degenerate into a sideshow, replete with carnival barkers, con-artist and a ringmaster extraordinaire. With no one left to ask pertinent, probing and thought provoking questions to assist the public in making an informed decision over who’ll hold sway over their lives and the world, it seems its DIY time. And we will, because somebody has to trump this asshole.

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