Barack Obama Owes the World an Explanation
When Barack Obama entered the Oval Office as an agent of change, quite naturally it was necessary to explain to the world what that change would look like and how it would differ from his predecessor’s administration. Since he intended to take America in an entirely different direction, it was necessary to apologize for many decisions made by George W. Bush and his neocon crew. While the GOP cursed him for doing so, the world applauded the gesture and looked forward to a fresh new start. But if Donald Trump is the sum total of Barack Obama’s 8 years in the White House, we think he owes the world and America another explanation. Let us explain.
As President Obama wrapped up his last scheduled foreign field trip in Lima, Peru, he found himself mired in questions about Donald Trump and what could be expected from the United States going forward. The world, clearly worried and uncertain of the future, had international reporters pressing the outgoing president for answers, clues, hints or any insights he could offer to help the “confused” understand what’s happening in America. In fact, the Donald Trump issue overshadowed the president’s interactions with leaders in Germany and Greece as he did his best to encourage the world to take a wait and see approach. Unfortunately, we think the writing is on the wall and waiting to see what’ll happen will only delay preparations for the certain Dark Times ahead.
Based solely on Donald Trump’s early choices to fill his cabinet and inner circle of power-brokers, we estimate social, cultural, religious and racial hostilities will flare up almost immediately. With Vice President-elect Mike Pence, an advocate for sexual orientation conversion therapy for Gays, followed with Jeff Sessions, a known racist selected for the U.S. Attorney General’s post and Ret. Army General and intelligence officer Michael Flynn slated for National Security Advisor, who calls Islam a cancerous political ideology disguised as a religion, we feel more than confident in predicting an instant outbreak of domestic and foreign conflicts that’ll consume energy and resources already in short supply.
It shouldn’t take a genius to realize women are gonna have to fight any efforts to rollback Roe V. Wade, defund or undermine Planned Parenthood or tolerate being mauled and manhandled like a sixties office secretary ever again. You can expect the LGBTQ community to go ballistic when idiotic suggestions like “straight classes” are advocated and proposed for people who’ve found comfort and peace within their alternative lifestyles. You can also expect Black and Latino men to stop accepting their roles as bull’s-eyes for law enforcement’s target practice. That situation will get ugly fast, if it already hasn’t. And there’s no telling what extremes young Muslim men might consider to protect themselves and the honor of their religion from undue persecution. And that’s just a cursory examination of the domestic issues. Since assessing international and foreign policy concerns would only scare the shit out of you unnecessarily at this time, we’ll table those thoughts for a later post.
With all these certainties facing Americans, we would like President Obama to explain in his own words what exactly went wrong. How could all his promises to build a better and brighter future for America end up delivering this country into a living hell? Barack Obama promised he’d close Guantanamo Bay, but he couldn’t. He promised he’d reform healthcare, but he only tweaked it. He promised the people could keep their doctors and current health plans during the transition to Obama-Care, but that wasn’t true either. He promised the government wasn’t spying on Americans, but Edward Snowden proved otherwise. He promised he’d get the United States out of Afghanistan and Iraq, but those wars are still escalating. And worst of all, Barack Obama promised Donald Trump would never be the Republican nominee, let alone president of the United States and look how that promise turned out.
Barack Obama was the standard-bearer for the Democratic Party during these 2016 elections. And despite the bizarre circus-like atmosphere that erupted to corrupt the process, he’s still ultimately responsible for this horribly failed outcome. Barack Obama signed off on Hillary Clinton to take his place in the Oval Office, while knowing far more appealing, trustworthy and inspiring candidates could be found with 21st century platforms that addressed America’s 21st century concerns. And Barack Obama had to be aware of, if not an active player in, the shenanigans Party elites engaged in to give Hillary Clinton a clear advantage over Bernie Sanders during the Democratic Primaries. He had to. 
While the lion’s share of the blame for losing the White House, failing to take back the U.S. Senate or making any significant gains in the House of Representatives has been rightly reserved for Hillary Clinton, we think Barack Obama might have gotten off the hook for his contributions to the biggest political upset in recent U.S. history. The idea of this guy riding off into the sunset to spend his golden years in Chill-Ville just don’t sit well with us. His job is not finished and we’re going to hold him to it.
Bottom line: Because of how badly his administration ended, Barack Obama has a responsibility to remain engaged on the international stage if only to constantly remind the world America remains a nation of reasonable and rational people. Barring a full explanation for what happened, it’s the very least he can do. Podcast below.