While America’s Righ-Stream media’s post speech analysis focused on Benjamin Netanyahu’s ability to deliver a passionate and brilliantly constructed lecture denouncing Barack Obama’s efforts to forge a deal with Iran, America’s Left-Stream media keyed in on the speech’s lack of substance, when it came to alternatives to the Obama administration’s approach to dealing with Tehran. In both cases, one would have to say the Right and the Left reported the truth.
Unfortunately neither the Right-Stream nor the Left-Stream media reported the raw truth of happened during the Speech. From this writer’s perspective, Benjamin Netanhayu spit in the face of America and Congress just lapped it up. Benjamin Netanhayu was given a platform to tell America, it has a dumb, incompetent and dangerously naive President. Benjamin Netanyahu used the opportunity to tell America it would be stupid to listen to President Obama and would be smart to listen to him. From the audience’s response, many in Congress clearly agreed.
Those who watched and listened carefully, heard and saw the Israeli leader tell Congress and the international community, President Obama was paving a path to global destruction through nuclear proliferation throughout the middle east. Prime Minister Netanyahu told America and the international community that President Obama would be placing the entire planet at risk of total annihilation within a few short years if he’s allowed to strike a deal with Iran. The Israeli Prime Minister told America not to trust its President, but to trust him instead. Again, many in Congress clearly agreed.
Apparently, the depth of contempt and disdain for President Obama among many in Congress have reached levels too deep to measure anymore. Nothing short of an outright assassination attempt could have surpassed what the GOP allowed to occur in the Chambers of Congress. Granting a confirmed mythomaniac an opportunity to attack, discredit, denigrate and disgrace the elected leader of its own country, the GOP actually applauded the unyielding verbal assault against President Obama’s ability to lead, not to mention, America’s ability to elect a capable leader.
Bottom line: Never witnessing this degree depraved hate before, its difficult to say if there’s any level of treachery this Republican led Congress won’t sink to in disrespecting President Barack Obama. But one thing is for certain, America’s house has become so divided, this nation may never stand upright again. To borrow a dog-eared phrase from his “Excellency” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, “Never Again” will this be allowed to happen. And, no, America should never forget or forgive those who instigated this unseemly travesty.
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