The Big Rich, The Smart Ones & Dark Times
As we near the end of this season for “Issues Under Fire”, we thought it might be cool to share something interesting to ponder during our annual Winter Break. And since we’ve written and posted extensively about Dark Times and how the Big Rich have entered the final stages of taking control of what’s left of your lives, we couldn’t think of a  better way to close the calendar year than to challenge your imaginations with another clear and present danger. It’s the Evil Smart people and how they’re preparing to enslave the minds of all those with average intelligence or less. So sit back and absorb this brief mind elucidating experience, for it’ll only take a minute. And if you’re smart enough, it won’t even hurt much.
Firstly, the word Evil is used far too often by those who fail to truly comprehend what it is, where it came from and how it grew so strong. Most think Evil is the creep in the dark waiting to rape, maim or murder some defenseless soul. And while raping, maiming and murdering under any circumstances certainly qualify as Evil acts, in reality, these are merely the manifestations of psychotics yet to be identified, isolated and medicated. These are simply Screwy people on the loose. But the truly Evil are anything but screwy. The truly Evil are smart. Really smart. And too smart for average people to defend themselves against the Smart Ones’ Evil intentions. 
Secondly, those who say money is the root of all Evil have always been wrong. Money is merely one of many tools of the truly Evil. As indicated above, the actual root cause of Evil is intellect. Really smart people mastered the ability to devise, develop and convince average people to accept their complex concepts eons ago. And as a result, they were able to set up systems of governing those of lesser intellectual prowess, placing themselves in charge, of course. And why not, they’re smarter than everybody else. They’ve got all the Big Ideas. Smart people could build a far better world than anything people of average intellect could imagine. So it was a no brainer. Average people should listen, learn and follow the Smart Ones. So the average did and they do. To do otherwise wouldn’t be wise. 
Unfortunately, at some point in recent history, the Smart Ones went bad and if we were just a little bit smarter at the time, we would’ve noticed it happening. We should’ve realized something went horribly wrong when the Smart Ones failed to deliver the George Jetson future by the end of the 20th century. Baby Boomers expected to be parking fuel efficient flying vehicles on the landing pads of their homes hovering aloft in the clear blue skies. We thought the 21st century would put a robotic servant named Rosie in every middle-class household, while one income could support an entire family. But somehow in the infinite wisdom of the Smart Ones, they concluded there wasn’t enough profit in providing a peaceful and prosperous future for average people. The real cash to be made was in conflicts. 
Somewhere along the way, the Smart Ones began to consider themselves as special, better or a higher level of human being than the average people. Because they were far fewer in number, yet still able to control the many, they began to assign a higher value to their lives than the others. And because average people would continue to grow in number no matter their circumstance, quite naturally they continued to lose value. After awhile, average people became almost worthless to the Smart Ones save for what they could contribute in the way of cheap labor or cannon fodder for the Smart wars that nobody ever wins.  That’s when the Smart Ones succumbed to pure unadulterated Evil. 
Thinking themselves brilliant, the Smart Ones devised, developed and convinced average people to accept the George Orwell future instead. Research and development was redirected from efforts to modernize a peaceful planet to weaponizing a violent one. They divided the world by race, religions and cultures and went about setting that diversity against itself. When the Smart Ones intentionally triggered the global diversity conflicts, average people not smart enough to know who’s behind them are told the only way for average people to be safe is to allow the Smart Ones to watch over them. So the Smart Ones began reading our mail, listening to our phone calls, monitoring our banking, tracking our travel and keeping tabs on everybody we befriend and associate with. And the more average people grant access to their lives to the Smart Ones to keep them safe, the smarter the Smart Ones become. BTW, this is only the beginning.
Bottom line: If you’re of average intelligence, you should be scared shitless of smart people. If a smart person decides to take advantage of you, let’s face it you’re fu@ked and down deep you know it. We’ve seen what the Smart Ones have in store for average people and if you’re half as smart as you think you are, you’ve seen that future as well. If not stopped, at the pace the Smart Ones are progressing, they should have full ownership of every worthwhile resource on the planet soon. One need only take a look at the crew President-elect Trump is putting together to rule the world to understand the most frightening part of this tale. To Smart Ones of this ilk who look down upon the rest from towering penthouses in the heavens, average people are no more than scenery to confirm their superiority. Podcast below