The Big Rich Vs. The Rest of America
As seasoned observers, analysts and documentarians of domestic and international conflicts, we can state with confidence, that the war between The Big Rich and The Rest of America has entered a new phase. The Big Rich are feeling they’ve won. And they may be right. Since walking away with hundreds of billions after the financial collapse of 2008, The Big Rich have won every major battle against The Rest of America including, but not limited to, healthcare, affordable education, income inequality, Occupy Wall Street and the Fight for 15 dollars per hour. Clearly, The Rich are on a roll, and if they win the Dakota Access Pipeline fight, there’ll be no stopping them going forward. Please, allow us to explain.
When Barack Obama was elected President, believe it or not, he had a mandate. Entering the Oval Office with a majority in the Senate and House of Representatives, the expectations were justifiably high. But even with the political winds at his back, Progressives, Liberal and Independent minds were mystified as to how a minority of opposition could whittle the President’s grand vision of Universal Healthcare in America, down to a menagerie of malfunctioning healthcare exchanges that still cost too much. Not even a Public Option was allowed. There’s absolutely no way that could’ve happened, if the The Big Rich didn’t have surrogates from both sides of the aisle negotiating to make sure any gains achieved would be both modest and reversible. And that’s just what we got, something modest, that’ll soon be reversed.
When the Occupy Wall Street Movement rose up in opposition to the mad crazy money bankers were making, while the middle class was sinking like an anvil, New York City’s billionaire Mayor Michael Bloomberg used his Bully Boyz in the NYPD to quell dissent before the populist message could gain traction with larger segments of the the city’s working poor. And some of the tactics employed by the Big Rich were as brutishly heavy-handed as they were ethically deplorable. When the Fight for $15 movement rose up to challenge paupers’ wages in New York and around the country, they were met with the same response. Lots of arrests, fines and for some who got tagged with resisting arrest or assaulting an officer, they got jail time and a criminal record.
When U.S. student load debt blew past $1.3 trillion last year, a lot of hullabaloo was made by Democrats saying something had to be done. During the heat of the election, Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein fought valiantly against Hillary Clinton for political platforms that would’ve brought debt relief to those already drowning in it and debt free university opportunities for those yet to be snared in the trap of student loans. But, even with 62% of Americans supporting free college tuition, “We the People” lost that fight to Hillary Clinton. Now that Donald Trump has nominated billionaire Betsy Devos for his Secretary of Education, it’s unlikely the subject of free college tuition will get much attention in the near to long term. 
When Billionaire Kelcy Lee Warren , CEO of Energy Transfer Partners, the Big Oil conglomerate building the Dakota Access Pipeline, heard of President Obama’s Army Corps of Engineers denying the final permit needed to complete his multi-billion dollar project, all he had to do was call billionaire Donald Trump to confirm what they’d already agreed to. You see, we did our homework and found that Donald Trump owns a stake in Kelcy Lee Warren’s Energy Transfer Partners. Of course he’s going to reverse President Obama’s decision to reroute the project. Of course there’s a blatant conflict of interest and of course Donald Trump will take the profits and run. Still, we’d be remiss in our duties if we failed to report the Trump transition team’s response to this truth. So, here’s what they said: Donald Trump’s support of the pipeline, “has nothing to do with his personal investments and everything to do with promoting policies that benefit all Americans.”  
Bottom line: If you can accept our analysis of what’s been happening over the last decade, then you should understand how important it is that the Native Peoples of North Dakota win their fight against The Big Rich. Their fight is every American’s fight because if they lose we all lose. It’ll be one more ominous sign of the dark times settling upon us. And you should understand, The Big Rich are merciless people, so one shouldn’t expect anything else but more of the same. “We the People”, have allowed The Big Rich to systemically and systematically dismantle our lives, only to be reassembled to resemble the lives of those who struggled during the industrial revolution. The Big Rich started with undermining union labor during the 80’s and have been actively downsizing our futures ever since. As we mentioned yesterday, history is repeating itself. You’d be wise to recognize. Podcast below.