Can U.S. Counterintelligence Handle Russia? Some Are Beginning to Wonder
For those who follow geopolitics, foreign policy and international affairs, they’re well aware by now, that WW3 is already in progress and the United States is losing badly. For those who’ve really been paying attention, they know Russia has been waging a multi-pronged attack of misinformation, disinformation and cyber-aggressions to destabilize the American political construct. The Russians have used these insidious intrusions to sow seeds of distrust between the U.S., its citizens and its allies. And so far, the U.S. appears to be defenseless. For those who haven’t been paying attention, give us a moment and we’ll fill you in on the details.
We’ve not only been paying attention, we’ve been studying Vladimir Putin for more than five years. We’ve concluded Putin’s plan is to make Russia great again. Vladimir Putin is a smart, aggressive and tactical thinker, who’s using Russia’s world-class intelligence gathering apparatus to create chaos for the United States domestically, in order to advance his international agenda. Vladimir Putin’s international agenda is to create cracks in the European Union and neuter NATO. To date, his plan is working. 
When we observed Donald Trump publicly berating NATO allies for not paying their fair share of a united defense and falling far short of stating full throated support for the alliance, we envisioned Vladimir Putin smiling like the cat who’d just eaten the canary. We could see his vision in progress. If Putin can create a divide between the United States and Europe, he’ll not be satisfied until he’s divided Europe itself. In fact, had Putin’s tactics worked as successfully in France as they apparently did in the U.S. 2016 elections, Europe would already be in a state of crisis. And if you don’t believe Germany is next, you’re really not paying attention.
The fact that Vladimir Putin is more than a formidable opponent can not be overstated. We documented many of the Russian President’s methods of operation during the taking of Crimea from Ukraine in 2014. In full view of the international community, Vladimir Putin literally stole a piece of another country and barely left his fingerprints at the scene of the crime. We documented another of Putin’s many methods of operation when he slipped into Syria, established a foothold and eventually took over the fight against ISIS and anybody else not loyal to the Syrian government. By the time the U.S. and coalition forces realized Russia was in it to win it, they had no option but to accept that reality.
When the news broke that former FBI Director, James Comey, may have been duped into mishandling the probe into the Clinton e-mail scandal, we knew we were witnessing another of Putin’s many methods of operation. The Washington Post reports a stunning account of the Russians planting an intelligence document claiming a tacit agreement between then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch and the Clinton campaign. That agreement was to ensure the investigation into Hillary’s e-mail issue wouldn’t go very far. It was that document that led James Comey to bypass the Justice Department and hold his infamous press conference to announce the FBI’s findings. And it was because of that press conference, Hillary Clinton claims, her campaign’s fate was sealed. 
Bottom line: As an objective observer, when it comes to world leaders, Vladimir Putin is as politically savvy and tactically proficient as they come. Think about it. Without firing a single bullet or dropping one bomb, Putin is literally devastating America’s political processes. While he’s suffered some minor setbacks and sanctions, Putin still enjoys the backing and respect of the Russian people because he’s restoring Russia’s prestige on the world stage. That’s his job. But, as an American citizen, Vladimir Putin is dangerous, because he’s proving U.S. counterintelligence may not be up to the Putin challenge. If Putin proves he’s right, Russia will win WW3. Podcast below.