Confused and Overwhelmed, Trump Survives First 100 Days
The world may have survived the first 100 days of the Trump administration, but few are resting easy with the knowledge that the man calling himself leader of the free world is obviously confused and overwhelmed. Admitting the job of being president was far more difficult than he’d ever imagined, Donald Trump appears to be more of a figurehead on the mast of a ship adrift, than someone blazing a trail toward greatness. While his sanity remains questionable, Donald Trump’s incompetence has been verified. Yes, the President of the United States is clueless and the scary thing is, we don’t know what to do about it.
What do you do when you realize the president of the United States might be an ignoramus? Don’t laugh, this is not meant to be funny. We’ve had this same conversation during the George W. Bush administration. A lot of people had suspicions about “W.’s” intellectual capabilities. Many were of the opinion “W.” had issues managing complex challenges when they came at him too fast. He, too, had a limited vocabulary and said a lot of stupid things when he tried to use it. It was no secret that Vice President Dick Cheney was the brains behind the so-called Decider-in-Chief. From where we stand, this nation is facing that issue again. And it’s not just us.
If the world sees what we’re seeing, what is it to do until the issue of a ignoramus running the planet can be rectified? How do you negotiate with the most powerful nation in the world that could suddenly rip up deals, contracts and agreements, without even fully understanding the importance or the impact? How do you trust the most powerful nation not to abuse all that power? But most importantly, how do other nations manage to stay in the good graces of the most powerful nation in the world? Who’s next, they must wonder.
These are not only dark times, these are dangerous times. The Trump administration is in a complete state of discombobulation. With an ignoramus at the helm surrounding himself with friends, flunkies and family, the chances of something going horrible wrong are raised exponentially. The administration is under staffed. Struggling along with a skeleton crew, hundreds of key jobs across the federal government remain unfilled. Some of these key jobs are in the State Department. These are the people who help advise the president on foreign policy. Until these jobs are filled, Trump will keep tweeting his knowledge of U.S. foreign policy out to the world. And we all know how that’s NOT working out.
Bottom line: How Trump got elected may remain a mystery, but It should be clear to anyone paying attention, Donald Trump is an amazingly ignorant man. Donald Trump is no leader. Donald Trump has no idea WTF he’s doing. And with such a steep learning curve to bring “The Donald” up to speed on how the world works, everyone should be concerned whether this ignoramus can avoid a nuclear mishap on the Korean peninsula. Sadly, keeping our fingers crossed is all we can do for now. Podcast below.