Finding it far easier to investigate than legislate, Congress savors the thought of endless hearings over the “Government’s” scandal de jour. And as of late, the White House’s menu or red hot issues has presented quite a delectable platter of choices. Unfortunately, as incendiary and contemptible the charges against the IRS for singling out Right leaning political elements for closer review or the Justice Department’s snooping on the Associated Press is, these are as much red herrings as the Benghazi hearings.

Beneath the veneer of outraged partisan blah blah blah for a few strong new cycles, lies the fact that Congress is essentially just marking time and scoring political points until the next election cycle. Beside voting and re-voting to repeal The Affordable Healthcare Act, it’s difficult to see what Congress is doing to justify its existence.

Having a moment or two for some “mind-on” pondering, we thought it be interesting to contemplate a cost benefit analysis of Congress. We thought people should understand the true cost and relative value of their Congressional representation and wether the institution’s performance is worth what it cost this country to continue considering it.

Factoring in travel and related expenses, healthcare, staffing, office space, et cetera, you get a fixed cost. Then you factor in Congress’ performance. Here, most would agree, is (0) considering they really don’t do anything related to the People’s business. When you factor in institutional and systemic gridlock, with representation for special interest at the detriment of the People, you’ll find the cost of maintaining the status quo of this dysfunctional institution can exceed trillions.

Any accomplishments this institution may achieve during its session is purely by accident and will never make up for the devastation caused by it’s incompetence and resulting inaction. Bottom Line: The ROI Sucks!

This is going to be a tough week for the American president, so we just thought we’d take our hand off the scale until a bit of balance can be reestablished.