While undoubtedly some of the best minds in the world are working around the clock trying to figure out how ISIS and affiliates plan to infiltrate borders to do harm, this observer is more interested in how ISIS and affiliates plan to infiltrate minds to do harm. One would think, projecting an image of Islam so vile and evil, ISIS would be worried the world would only hate Muslims more. One would think, conducting terror attacks against innocent people in the name of Islam wouldn’t exactly gain many converts. Sadly, anyone thinking this way would be dead wrong, because ISIS has a plan.
Unfortunately, in this observer’s opinion, killing innocent people in the name of Islam is precisely how ISIS intends to gain the converts to grow its ranks and expand the global Jihad. Twisted in reality maybe, but brilliant in its simplicity. By setting off bombs in cafes, subways, football stadiums, shopping malls and God forbid schools in the name of Islam, ISIS intends to create an unprecedented, world wide backlash against the Muslim community. Such a backlash created in the United States could be exactly what ISIS wants to achieve.
When America Muslims begin to feel the heat for what ISIS and their agents are doing all over world, human nature being what it is, they’ll feel betrayed by the United States when they become targeted for reprisals. When the racist remarks start in the schools, when the discrimination begins in the work place, when racial and ethnic profiling is taken to the next level, many in the Muslim community will begin to feel isolated, ostracized and threatened. And while few if any will have deserved this treatment, that’s precisely what ISIS will want American Muslims to feel. (Vandals have already started attacking mosques in the United States.)
The weapons ISIS intends to use against America will not have to be smuggled into the country, those weapons are already here and hidden in plain sight. ISIS will attack the United States using America’s well known proclivity for racism, xenophobia and ethnic and religious intolerance to its advantage. When all those newly disaffected Muslims begin to feel unwanted, no matter how hard they try to be good Americans, some will stop trying to be so good. Some will get angry. Some will fight back. ISIS will recruit from this pool and pools like it wherever racism, xenophobia and intolerance thrives.
Thinking this through, there is no other way ISIS can get into and turn more Muslim heads globally than to make them feel like outsiders in the places they call home. The only way ISIS can get American, French and U. K. Muslims to turn against their home countries, is to get their home countries to turn against Muslims first. If ISIS can count on American politicians, media hype artist and professional fear mongers to play their very predictable roles, this plan has real potential for success in the United States.
Bottom line: The world is at a tipping point. How the United States and its allies respond to these latest attacks and series of threats could determine how much longer and deadlier this world war will be. If America finds itself fighting this global war in panic mode, you can bet the worst of human nature will show up on the battlefield. ISIS is betting on human nature to fight this war. And if history is any guide, ISIS could win this bet.
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