If you ever find yourself feeling as though you haven’t a friend in the world and under siege by enemies both known and unknown, you’d be wise to take a lesson from Donald Trump’s doctrine of offensive defense.

Remaining on a permanent war footing and prepared to strikeout at anyone, at anytime, over just about anything, Donald Trump defends his brand by savaging those who might pose a threat. And from the view atop Trump Tower, threats can come from anywhere. Yesterday, those threats came from the “media”, and the media paid the price.
trump_attack_media2Facing mounting pressure to explain what happened to millions of dollars Trump reportedly raised for America’s veterans, “The Donald” called a press conference to give a full accounting of every nickel donated. And he did just that. But, sensing members within the attending press had hidden agendas and looking for a gotcha moment, Trump “went off” on the media’s collective ass, by calling out America’s so-called Fourth Estate for being as sleazy and corrupt as the American two Party political system. And it worked.
When asked if he would handle press conferences as aggressively if elected president, “The Donald” responded to the loaded question aggressively stating he had no plans to change. The media had been placed on notice. “The Donald” will take the media’s questions, but he won’t take the media’s shit. By the end of the day, news professionals were desperately trying to recover from Donald Trump’s unapologetic browbeating and the belittling of their profession’s reputation. Those media professionals were unsuccessful.
Despite accusations of being a con artist, a misogynist, a racist and worse, Donald Trump was able to bitch-slap “the media” and send it crawling back to its lair with its tail tucked between its legs. In this instance, Trump knew no matter how he’s being portrayed in the court of public opinion, few if any of his rabid supporters will side with America’s mainstream media. Donald Trump knows the only entity more despised than himself in this political circus disguised as an election, is “the media”.
Being little more than a click of pompous asses who’ve deluded themselves into believing they’re doing something of great importance, most of America’s corporate paid journalists spend more time sucking up to power for access and feeding their own egos than anything resembling serious investigative reporting. With this level of journalistic scumbaggery as a foundation for today’s press standards, it’s no wonder why the profession polls as low as that of a politician’s.
In fact, it’s because many of America’s so-called “journalism professionals” are as sleazy and corrupt as America’s two Party political system, that regardless of what’s written, said or shown about Donald Trump, little if any of it is taken seriously by the public. The reason nothing sticks to Donald Trump is because it’s just a case of the pot calling the kettle black. Trump supporters have already factored these realities into their reasoning. Astute news consumers are getting the information they need elsewhere. And citizens with a real thirst for truth are using 21st century technologies to cover and uncover the news for themselves.
Bottom line: While Donald Trump has no fans, support or even respect from anyone here at RetroVision Media’s Issues Under Fire, as an alternative to the mainstream media, we do have a responsibility to objectively observe, analyze and post an opinion based upon our findings. Since those findings reveal America’s corporate controlled media stopped producing unbiased news decades ago and have clearly aligned itself with forces determined to destroy Trump’s presidential bid, it was left to alternative voices such as ours to referee this latest dustup. On this one, Donald Trump looks to be the clear winner, while America’s mainstream media looks like a bunch of amateurs struggling to perfect the art of Yellow Journalism.
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