How Donald Trump Complicated the Lives of Cool White People
In our haste to warn Black, Latino and Muslim men to consider purchasing body armor and video cams for Xmas in preparation for Donald Trump’s choices for Attorney General and Chief Strategist respectively, “accused” racist Jeff Sessions and “suspected” White Nationalist sympathizer Stephen Bannon,  we completely forgot, as did most, how the election of Donald Trump complicated the lives of cool White Americans. If you can’t imagine the social difficulties cool White people will face going forward because of Donald Trump, give us a minute and we’ll explain.
While concerns of people of color are well known and being documented daily, the concerns of the Cool White American shouldn’t be ignored. Cool White people aka “the open-minded”, may feel the pressure of proving they’re not closet racists, xenophobes or anti-Semitics, since much of Donald Trump’s support came from those of that ilk. And that could be a major challenge. Not all “Trumpers” have Rebel flags tattooed on their chest or drive pick up trucks with gun racks. And not every racist, xenophobic, anti-Semitic “Trumper” is stupid enough to post racist threats, taunts and tirades on their Facebook pages. To the contrary, many of the “Trumpers” are quietly passing as cool White people. And therein lies the problem. 
Although the recent uptick in racist incidents have captured the world’s attention, giving many cause for pause, the vast majority of Donald Trump’s intolerant hard-liners are keeping their powder dry. Only the most hateful, who’ve been awaiting this moment for decades, are unable to restrain themselves. They’ve been harboring ill will toward “Others” for so long, after a few beers and the cover of dark, out comes the spray paint to scrawl hateful messages at playgrounds or on the sides of Black churches, Mosques or synagogues. Donald Trump and his “Trumpers” have placed cool White people in America in a most awkward position of having their “Cool Cred” questioned. And this should be viewed as a true tragedy.
There were just as many cool White people shocked and dismayed over Donald Trump’s victory as were the “Others”. In fact, tens of thousands of cool White people are still filling the streets protesting and demonstrating their revulsion of Donald Trump as a man as well as their rejection of everything Trump’s come to represent. Most of the cool Whites realized how electing Donald Trump would reflect upon them. They knew the dangers of being mistaken as a “Trumper” at home or abroad for that matter. They knew when the shit slinging finally stopped, all of White America could be soiled and considered backward dimwits out of step with the rest of the civilized world. For many cool Whites, Donald Trump made their lives miserable. Friends, associates and work colleagues are conscious of feelings on all sides of the racial, religious and ethnic divides that weren’t nearly as present before these 2016 elections.
How do cool White people in America distance themselves from the “Trumpers” when many of them look so much alike? It’s like the stereotyping of any particular demographic. Whether they’re Black, Latino, Jew or Muslim, you just never know whose cool and whose an undercover “Asshole”. Many “Trumpers” are working in everyday jobs like doctors, accountants, librarians, stockbrokers, journalists and teachers, where the damage they can do to the life of a non-White “Christian” is minimal. But others are working in everyday jobs like hiring managers, lawyers, prosecutors, police officers and judges. Here, a “Trumper” “passing” as a cool White person can be devastating to the non-White world. 
Now that Donald Trump has been elected President, cool White people may find it difficult if not impossible to convince leery minorities of their true sentiments. Non-Whites are already hypersensitive when it comes to hiring decisions, wait times in restaurants, room availability in hotels and driving, shopping, walking or even breathing while Black. Having no idea who’s a “Trumper” or worse, not knowing how many there are, will only add to insecurities, mistrust and suspicions of non-Whites. This is bad for non-Whites and cool White people alike. Nobody will be able to fully trust anybody until we can all sort out whose who and what’s what. And this will take time. This will take a lot of time.
Bottom line: While we all know the majority of White Americans are cool, we also know that majority is slim. Really slim. A margin too slim for comfort for many non-white and non-Christians just trying to get along in America. The “Trumpers” have become the cool White man’s burden. Cool White people in America now have the arduous task of persuading non-White Americans and anyone else considered “Others” in the world, that this country remains the proverbial melting pot for diversity of races, religions and freethinking open-minded people everywhere. This is not an enviable task. Podcast below.