Donald Trump and the Lunacy of Leadership 
Now that the world is openly discussing the intellectual and mental capacity of Donald Trump, we think it’s time to take a closer look at those who’ve managed to get within Trump’s inner circle. After all, if anybody would know if Trump had a screw or two loose, it would be his friends and paid flunkies. But who are these people? What are their motives? Are they protecting the president, or are they taking advantage of a golden opportunity? Based on the current investigations swirling about the White House, we’re gonna make a case for the latter.
As White House spokesperson Sean Spicer struggled to de-emphasize the roles questionable characters like Paul Manafort, Michael Flynn, Carter Page and Roger Stone played in Trump’s campaign, one has to wonder if these individuals realized Donald Trump’s limitations from the very beginning. Perhaps they knew Trump lacked the capacity to pay attention to details. Perhaps they realized they could run their own programs and promote private agendas behind Trump’s back. Perhaps that was the thinking of everyone flocking to Trump Tower after the election. 
If the general public can sense there’s something “beyond odd” about Donald Trump’s speech patterns, simplistic vernacular and rambling nonsensical responses to questions during press conferences and interviews, then those who work up close and personal with the “President” must have more than mere suspicions. Having to explain the inexplicable, defend the indefensible, while untwisting Trump’s tweets daily, Sean Spicer must’ve concluded long ago that his boss’ mind is impossible to follow. So, why stay? It’s a great job with a bright and lucrative future.
White House chief of staff Reince Priebus must’ve cursed the day he realized he too, would be responsible for translating, spinning, or otherwise reinterpreting every word Donald Trump utters. Knowing fully well Trump’s words are rarely in sync with his actions, Mr. Priebus has to know by now that Donald Trump has a reality of his own and that reality is out of sync too. He has to know there’s a psychological diagnosis for the behaviors being exhibited by his boss. Yet day after day he lies his ass off in a futile effort to coverup the glaring contradictions. Why stay? It’s a powerful job with a lucrative future.
And what about Vice President Mike Pence? After spending so much time with Donald Trump flying all over the nation during the 2016 campaign and getting to know the man behind the curtain, he would’ve seen Trump’s flawed, shortsighted and inconsistent thinking patterns. He would have noticed Trump’s erratic, compulsive and irrational mindset. He should’ve been worried. He should’ve wanted to warn somebody. So why didn’t he? Pence had to have concluded, if he just bides his time, Donald Trump might be deemed too screwy to serve and he would be President one day.
Bottom line: Like it or not, Donald Trump is the most powerful man in the world. But without a team of selfless professionals dedicated to providing proper guidance, direction and leadership when it’s lacking, Donald Trump could turn the world as we know it, upside down and inside out. Unfortunately, thus far we see no selfless professionals in this administration. We see opportunists. And sure, we’ll admit this is pure speculation, but none of it is beyond the realm of probability. Podcast below.

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