Donald Trump: Reckless Provocateur or Master Showman 
Not even sworn into office yet and President-elect Donald Trump has rattled NATO allies, picked a fight with China, stoked the flames of ethnic nationalism in Europe and threatened to dismantle President Obama’s historic deal to curb Iran’s nuclear ambitions. Since the latter has the potential to trigger another expensive military conflict which could easily escalate beyond the usual regional players and suspects, it’s important to understand the motives behind these unwarranted provocations. If you give us a moment, we’ll explain.
Apparently, Donald Trump wants to shake up the world. And perhaps, just because he can. He wants to be unpredictable. He wants to keep other nation states off balance, unsure and always guessing what “The Donald’s” next move will be. He wants to create and maintain an atmosphere of uncertainty. But above all, Donald Trump wants all eyes on Donald Trump at all times. If this sounds crazy to you, you’re not alone. Leaders all over the world must be preparing for a plethora of unknowns and worse case scenarios. 
Is this new global menace gonna start a trade war on day one of his presidency? Will any agreement signed by the United States ever be worth the paper it’s printed on again? Is Donald Trump even capable of negotiating in good faith? Believe it or not, responsible world leaders need to know things like this upfront. How will they plan for the future when they have no idea what the man in the Oval Office will do, say or Tweet at any given moment of the day or night? It’s unnerving to say the least.
Donald Trump is intentionally generating suspense, tension, doubt and apprehension. It’s how any master showman would keep his audience on the edge of their seats, waiting for the next shoe to drop. And in actuality, that’s what this is all about. The entire world is now Donald Trump’s audience. When Trump Tweets, the lame stream media is so atwitter, like twits, they themselves report every one so others can re-tweet his tweets. He gets worldwide coverage and immediate feedback. Operating like this, Donald Trump can maintain a one way conversation. And with each tweet being a cliffhanger, the world can only wonder, wait and worry, until Trump decides to Tweet a follow-up later.
We’ve concluded, Donald Trump wants the world to think he’s screwy, reckless, erratic and dangerous, because he’s enforced those descriptors by his selection of General James “Mad Dog” Mattis to fill his cabinet post for Secretary of Defense. General “Mad Dog” is famously quoted as saying “Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet.” Now, if you’ve ever known retired “Soldier Boyz” like this, you know to humor them in a low, non-threatening or patronizing tone, make no sudden moves and above all, salute the flag a lot. No, we’re serious. This is not a joke and it’s not Fake News.
Having a four star maniac on the payroll will definitely add an air of excitement to the world Donald Trump is building. And if he wants all the world to watch, he’s gonna have to set off a few fireworks from time to time. That’s where guys like General “Mad Dog can make life for the world extremely interesting. Or, there’s always Donald Trump’s selection for the National Security Advisor’s gig – former Dir. of the Defense Intelligence Agency, Michael T. Flynn. He’s famously quoted as saying “Islam is a political ideology and a cancer.” He’s also on record for Tweeting “Fear of Muslims is rational.” If you can’t see how Donald Trump plans to keep his world entertained, you don’t know show business.  
With all the boasts of breaking deals and renegotiating agreements with nations who’ve worked years and invested billions to secure, there’s bound to be push-back and retaliation. Especially with Iran and China. Donald Trump will use these opportunities to show the world, not how great a nation America is, but how great a leader Donald Trump is. And since the lame stream media has been reduced to comic relief, they’ll be doing no more than watching from the sidelines to see what Donald Trump Tweets next like everyone else. 
Bottom line: When Donald Trump gives his first press conference, he’ll probably want to do it by announcing his first air strikes in Iraq, as “His” military forces hunt down ISIS’ Super Badass leader Abu Bakr al-Badhdadi. Let’s set the scene. President Trump steps up to a bank of microphones in the White House press room, with a lackey press corps slavishly hanging on every word. President Trump will smugly and pompously ramble on about finishing the job Barack Obama couldn’t and how he’ll personally put an end to global terrorism once and for all. It’ll be fabulous. It’ll be stupendous. It’ll be sensational. Of course, it’ll all be bullshit, but it’ll be all about Donald Trump and if our analysis is correct, his presidency will be one hell of a spectacle. Podcast below.