Donald Trump Has Redefined Americans, We’re Ugly Again, Travelers Beware
While today’s planned post and podcast was to lay out a fool-proof political strategy to educate and energize disaffected citizens about third Party options moving forward, we realized emotions remain far too raw for that message to penetrate a nation so reviled by the stunning reality of a Donald Trump presidency. And since this revulsion seems to be growing, we felt a need to understand what was driving it. So, we did some thinking and came to the following conclusion – Donald Trump has redefined America and many Americans don’t like what that means. Let us explain.
While it may be news to some, it’s no secret to most, the U.S.’ 2016 elections were watched as carefully and intensely around the globe as it was here in the United States. The international community had a right and a responsibility to know where America is headed and the values it stands for these days. When the word spread that Americans had elected Donald Trump President of the United States, the headlines reported shock, dismay, uncertainty and even horror. The world saw America elect a racist, sexist, xenophobic, misogynist with narcissistic tendencies. And as a result, the world, like many in the United States, became frightened and wary of the future.
Donald Trump played to supporters who enjoyed his portrayal of Muslims, Mexicans and other immigrants. They ignored his obvious self granted entitlement to a woman’s body. Any woman’s body. Donald Trump spoke to people who weren’t all that keen on diversity of race, religion and cultures in America. And since Trump failed miserably at forcefully and unequivocally distancing himself from White nationalists, separatists and supremacists, one can reasonably presume Black Lives Matter didn’t matter all that much to Trump devotees either. 
Many Americans are in the streets trying to let the nation, and by extension, the rest of the humane and civilized world know, that Donald Trump is not their president. As far as these people are concerned, Donald Trump is an abomination, an anathema and hopefully an anomaly that can be corrected in short order. Placed in power primarily by poor, angry, undereducated and underachieving White people, without the slightest idea of how the world really works, this army of ignoramuses are now poised to represent what America will stand for in the 21st century. This should terrify American travelers.
To be characterized or stereotyped as an American today can be dangerous for those brave enough to travel abroad too soon. Foreigners could get the wrong impression about American travelers, because America’s reputation will have preceded them. If America is perceived to be as ignorant, arrogant, intolerant and backward as its newly elected leader is, the American traveler can expect to be treated as such. No matter where an American plans to travel, they should be aware that they might be despised the moment a passport is presented for identification or the mere utterance of anything in English. Smart Americans will keep their Americanism on the down-low, because now that others know how America  feel about others, others may want to make their feelings known as well. Hint – only a fool would think of vacationing in Mexico right now, no matter how low the airfares go. 
Those who promote their pride in America beyond the U.S. border, could significantly increase their chances for unnecessary trouble.  American travelers mistaken for racist White trash, who loathes anything but other racist White trash, will be lucky if they only get the worst room available, the least desirable table seating or are given the cold shoulder by otherwise friendly and helpful strangers. And Americans need those otherwise friendly and helpful strangers because Americans don’t speak very many languages. 
When abroad, Americans are vulnerable and need to know if someone will give them accurate information and directions or warn them of who, what and places to avoid. But the reality is, the world won’t be all that happy to see Americans, because when America sent Donald Trump to the White House, America sent a message to the world. That message said a big mouth, big shot would be running the world soon and he intends to run it his way. And anybody that didn’t like that message, might have hell to pay.  
Bottom line: Because we were so intent upon quickly proceeding to the next stage of our push for a political revolution, we neglected to fully understand the value in Americans publicly expressing their disdain and scorn for what Donald Trump means and how regretful they are to have been redefined by such an unconscionable character. We see now how taking to the streets is the only way to show the world Americans aren’t the knuckle-dragging, bible thumping, kissing cousin, gun loving, lunatic fringe who banned together through ignorance to create this monster. The world must know Donald Trump is no more than a tragic mistake never to be made again. Podcast below