Donald Trump and the Rise of America’s White Trash
Initially we pondered titling this analysis “The Redneck Rebellion” or “The South Has Risen Again”, but after much thought, it was decided “The Rise of White Trash” was the most accurate descriptor to explain the latest rash of hate and violent acts targeting religious and ethnic minorities since the election of Donald Trump. The Redneck Rebellion and The South Has Risen Again is far too regional. It’s because of Donald Trump’s widespread victory, we all know now, White Trash is everywhere. Allow us moment to elaborate.
Previously silent and hiding in plain sight while they seethed with rage and resentment against Muslims, immigrants, Blacks and Jews for being responsible for America’s downfall, when Donald Trump announced he’d selected Stephen Bannon, a proponent of the White Nationalist Movement, it was a signal to closet racist, anti-Semites and xenophobes, that their day had arrived. The muzzle of Political Correctness was off. Finally, White Trash was free to release decades of penned up fury. And they are. But unfortunately, some aren’t satisfied expressing themselves verbally, many are getting physical. The FBI reports hate crimes are on the rise and have been since the election process started 18 months ago.
USA Today posted this headline: Post-election spate of hate crimes worse than post-9/11, experts say. The Southern Poverty Law Center, the Hate Watch people published this headline recently: Anti-Muslim Hate Crimes Surged Last Year, Fueled By Hateful Campaign. And published the following this week: Racist Incidents Are Up Since Donald Trump’s election. Clearly, America’s White Trash have been emboldened by dog whistle politics to burn a Black church, paint a swastika on a synagogue or just beat the living shit out of the first Mexican or Muslim they come across after dark.
Bottom line: Is it too early to be concerned? Only a fool would think so. White Trash, as we’ve defined the demographic, are groups of ignorant, mean-spirited unfortunates, pathetically suffering from delusions of God given supremacy. And while these racist miscreants are relatively simpleminded, this once fringe element have significantly increased in number, through inbreeding, to protect racial purity. Unfortunately, the damaging drop in intellect associated with such unnatural behaviors have led them to arm themselves. As you know, violence is always the primary tool of the ignorant. Going forward, these people should be considered extremely dangerous and avoided at all times. Special Note: If you’re wise, you’ll not rely on stereotypic tell tales signs of White Trash like, a sixth finger on one hand, cock-eyes or awful dental work. In many cases, White Trash will appear like any other person of European ancestry, so once again, beware. Podcast below.