Issues Under Fire: Donna Brazile Claims Proof Clinton Controlled DNC Screwed Sanders in 2016 Primary
If you follow us regularly, you know we like to keep Fridays fun, easy and entertaining. And nothing would’ve been more so than painting Paul Manafort, former Trump campaign manager, as the international criminal that he is. As a political mercenary, Manafort traveled the world advising Russian oligarchs aka international gangsters, dictators, despots and other unsavory characters, for a fee. A big fee. But, because some of that advice was against U.S. interests, the feds confiscated ALL of his passports, placed him under house arrest and strapped an ankle monitor on his ass to keep an eye on his every movement. Okay, so don’t take that last part literally. It’s Friday.
Unfortunately, Donna Brazile’s BREAKING NEWS, claiming she has proof Hillary Clinton and the DNC screwed Bernie Sanders during the 2016 Democratic primary, caught a lot of us off guard. If anything, we were poised for another dumb-ass Tweet from “45” before departing on his Asian trip. But this? We never saw this coming. Now granted, this bombshell wasn’t exactly news to suspicious Sanders supporters, but when Elizabeth Warren appeared on CNN with Jake Tapper agreeing with Brazile’s accusations, we had to get serious. After all, this story finally opened the door to a conversation Democrats have been avoiding with Progressives for far too long.
While all attention has been focused on the all out civil war within the GOP, there’s been scarce scrutiny given to the seething dissatisfaction among disgruntled and disenfranchised Progressives within the Democratic Party. In fact, letting truth be known, many Progressives no longer consider themselves Democrats. And for a Democratic Party strapped for cash, that’s a big problem, because angry Progressives don’t donate. The reality is, more and more grassroots Progressives are considering creating a viable third Party to represent their political interest.
Those who took the time to compare and contrast Party Platforms (Clinton vs Sanders), found striking differences between the path traditional Democrats are proposing and that of the Progressive wing of the Party. Knowing the DNC is primarily corporate funded and special interest infiltrated, Progressive voters have lost faith in and patience with the Democrats’ minimalist approach to progress. These are the types of differences that can not be whitewashed, papered over or ignored for another election cycle. These are the types of differences that cause permanent breakups.
If the Democrats keep deluding themselves that Progressives will return to the fold in 2018 to help them retake control of the House of Representatives, they’re in for an ugly surprise. Now that Progressives’ worse suspicions have been confirmed by someone as close to the inside as Donna Brazile, it’ll be next to impossible for the DNC to regain their trust, let alone Progressive votes, support and donations, moving forward.
Bottom line: Universal Healthcare, Free College Tuition and Job Retraining, Strengthening the Social Safety-net and raising the Minimum Wage to a Living Wage is what Progressives are fighting for and they won’t settle for anything less. And until obstacles to that progress, like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, are sidelined and replaced with fresh Progressive leaning leadership that has millennial appeal, they’ll find themselves as obsolete as the GOP’s establishment. Podcast below.