From pseudo intellectuals like George Will to the chairmen of the Joint Chief of Staff General  Martin E. Dempsey, and everybody in between have mercilessly fanned the flames of fear. At this late stage of the Ebola response, government officials, political hacks and media charlatans are still positing the medically unsubstantiated notion that the Ebola virus “could be” transmitted through a sneeze. Nothing could be more irresponsible during flu season than that.
The cost of containing the nation’s fear could quickly out pace the cost to contain the Ebola virus itself. Because of the death of one infected patient and the infection of two poorly trained healthcare providers, the country has been panic stricken for weeks. This narrative is being driven by blatant unrestrained ignorance and intentional fear-mongering for motives yet to be determined. To date, a not single reputable scientific source has been identified who’ll validate behind such faux concerns.
Its difficult to fathom what value could be derived from scaring a cruise-ship of vacationers into thinking they’d been exposed to a deadly virus, for which there’s no cure or treatment. Think of it, the Carnival Cruise line will have to provide all those jittery passengers a free trip later. How much will that cost. How far will that drop their stock price. Think of the tens of thousands of tourist dollars Mexico and Belize lost by refusing to allow the “diseased ship” to dock in their ports of call. These struggling countries could ill afford to turn money like that away for baseless nonsense.
Think of the cost to the airline industry, as they’ve been forced to contact hundreds of flyers and their contacts for monitoring. The cost of swabbing down airplanes to assure nervous nellies its still safe to use the in flight lavatories ain’t cheap either, to say nothing of the delays. Think of the cost of closing schools from Texas to Ohio because of the fear that someone may have come within fifty feet of somebody who may have contracted the virus, but showing no signs of Ebola.
Bottom Line: The country and private industry is burning through a small fortune everyday to allay unfounded fears stoked by government representatives and mainstream media outlets. If they really wanted to scare the nation shitless, the simplest way to do it, is just to tell the truth.
Based on the fact that there’s so few facilities and trained professionals capable of handling a serious outbreak, if any thing major did occurred, “America the Exceptional” would be up a creek without the preverbal paddle.
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