Since its been made abundantly clear, authorities in America are rarely held accountable for misdeeds, we think it time to consider the realistic eventualities of Mr. Garner’s case. The details are as follows: The ambulance chasers have long ago made contact and secured the confidence of the Garner family through assurances they’ll make the city of New York pay and pay dearly. The public’s appetite for justice has been sufficiently stoked and it will settle for nothing less than a substantial payout. Ironically, few realize that payout will come from their taxes.
Mr. Garner’s family will essentially be paid-off to calm down, shut up and go away. And like most of these case go, they will. Mr. Garner’s children will now have opportunities they’d never dreamed of. A college education, that would have been otherwise out of reach, has now been guaranteed. Mr. Garner’s wife can now pay the bills on time and filled the refrigerator with the good stuff for once. If the Garner family is smart, they’ll get the hell out of their modest digs, to avoid further contact with the NYPD. And they will.
As far as officer Daniel “Chokehold” Pantaleo is concerned, the city will quietly ease him out of the department, while publicly admitting as little wrong doing as possible. After a hastily assembled panel of so-called experts reviews officer Pantaleo’s actions, said panel will offer its recommendations to police commissioner Bill Bratton for his consideration. Commissioner Bratton will privately conclude the young officer followed NYPD policing protocols to the letter, but has become a public relations liability for the city of New York, the NYPD and law enforcement in general. Hence, he has to go.
Behind the scenes, Mr. Pantaleo will be honored at police pity parties by his former colleagues in cop bars, as they lament the loss of a brother in arms. They’ll get drunk and express their rage at the media, the mayor and of course “those minorities” they’re hired to protect. They’ll  blame the victim for resisting arrest and the victim’s family for making a big deal out of the death of a low life. They won’t get it!
While Mr. Pantaleo’s career path is unclear at this point, its not unreasonable to presume he could be patrolling the streets of another city some time in the future. Keep in mind, despite the uproar over his actions, Mr. Pantaleo not only has strong support in the law enforcement community, but he’s considered a hero by many. After a brief cooling off period, some law enforcement agency will gladly offer him another opportunity.
Eventually the Eric Garner story will fade to black, as many will forget and others will just decide to move on. As for Mr. Garner himself, his toe has been tagged, and his body has been bagged. All that’s left to be done, is to add his name to the growing list of other unarmed Black men who’ve lost their lives at the hands of American law enforcers and that’s just the way it is.
Bottom line: Although the streets remain filled with protesters and demonstrations, screaming for federal intervention over the blatant miscarriage of justice, this tale from the hood, for all intents and purposes, is a wrap. We’ve all seen this before and we’ll all see it again. After all, this ain’t news, this is America.
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