Europe Prepares to Disengage With U.S., Well At Least for Now
Realizing Donald Trump will never be a viably reliable partner, European governments and others around the world are relaxing efforts to engage the United States until such time America can recover from its lapse of leadership. Unable to trust the Trump administration to honor agreements, to protect intelligence, or even to act responsibly and respectfully as a member of the international community, they feel it’s time to move on. And Donald Trump’s first visit abroad gave the international community all the evidence they needed to feel confident they’re making the right decision.
Like a bull in a china shop, Donald Trump took to the world stage and promptly proceeded to dismantle long term international relationships, trade deals and security agreements without the least regard for the time, energy and effort put into them or the global economic and security consequences for his actions. Finally fed up with being talked down to and publicly humiliated, Germany’s President, Angela Merkel, stated, “Germany can no longer rely on the United States under Mr. Trump’s presidency”. Italy’s Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni echoed those same sentiments saying, “Europeans need to take the future into their own hands”. 
Yes, the international community is talking and they’re not whispering. The word is, because the world can’t get along with Donald Trump, the world must find a way to survive his administration. From climate change to NATO to trade, the United States is being considered an obstacle to global progress and a disruptive presence that threatens international stability. Moving forward, transatlantic relationships will be put on hold. All efforts will be made to avoid any serious dealings with the United States. Trump will be ostracized, isolated and eventually ignored.
While it’s been less than six months, Donald Trump has managed to insult, disrespect or otherwise disregard most of his counterparts in his so-called effort to make America great again. And he’s made an ass out of himself doing it. Donald Trump has exposed his ignorance, his temperament and worst of all, his erratic, compulsive and narcissistic behaviors. These are not the ingredients of a stable mind, a sound thinker or someone the world will follow. No longer willing to give “The Donald” any more time to adjust to his position, understand his job and begin comporting himself like previous U.S. presidents, the world is simply moving on.
Bottom line: It’s time we recognized, the United States is being benched until it can rectify the huge mistake Americans made that sent Donald Trump to the world stage. Whether he’s brought down by any one of a dozen investigations or Donald Trump loses in a primary challenge in 2020, the world at large will be forced to table progress until he can be removed from office. Podcast below.