FBI Probe Exposes Crisis in American Leadership
After observing the Q&A session between FBI Director James Comey and the House Intelligence Committee, it quickly became apparent there’s a crisis in leadership in the White House. When Mr. Comey publicly acknowledged an ongoing investigation of possible coordination between individuals associated with the Trump campaign and Russia, he shot holes in Donald Trump’s assertion that his administration is running like a finely tuned machine. We can see now, that the reality is very much to the contrary. The Trump administration is in complete turmoil. And if you’ve got a minute, we’ll explain.
Oddly enough, it wasn’t so much of what Mr. Comey said in the House intelligence Committee’s Q&A, but it was the volume of what he said he wouldn’t say that was so damning. By announcing the investigation into the Trump campaign without naming or excluding anybody, including Donald Trump himself, the FBI Director essentially placed anyone even remotely connected to the president on notice that they could be a suspect. By any measure, this is huge news. Stress and blood pressures levels at the White House had to be spiking throughout the entire session.
Thankfully, most of us have never been the target of an FBI investigation or if so and didn’t know it, we should consider that ignorance a blessing, because to know is a bitch. Imagine the stress of working at the White House and wondering who among your colleagues is being watched and why. You’d want to know if the FBI is watching you and if so, for what and for how long. You’d have to wonder if you’ve said anything in an email, text message or phone conversation that could’ve been intercepted and misconstrued. 
When you’ve been advised that you’re the target of an FBI investigation, it’s like living with a police car parked outside of your house 24/7. Your neighbors will want to know, why? They’ll think the worst of you of course. Every time you go out to mow the lawn, take out the trash or head off to work, the police car is there and somebody is watching, always watching. Even if you didn’t do anything wrong, the fact that they’re watching means somebody thinks you did. Just the fact that they’re watching you makes you look bad. And given all the other idiocies, missteps and credibility issues attributed to this administration thus far, Donald Trump is beginning to look really, really bad.
Bottom line: Guilty of anything or not, the Donald Trump administration is suffering from a crisis of leadership. If you think it’d be difficult to lead a normal life while being investigated by the FBI, imagine how difficult it’d be to lead the world while facing those same pressures and more. And considering we have no idea how mentally or emotionally fit Donald Trump is for these mounting pressures, we’d say, this situation is beyond serious. Podcast below.