Final Analysis: Why Hillary Clinton Lost in 2016, Why Donald Trump Loses in 2020
While many are protesting in the streets, angered over Hillary Clinton’s loss and Donald Trump’s win, we think that energy would be better spent understanding why Clinton lost in 2016, and why Trump will lose in 2020. To bitch and complain like many Republicans did, refusing to accept Barack Obama’s improbable victory in 2008, will only replicate an irrational and unproductive response to a reality that can’t be changed. So, as always, we’re here to help. That said, we’ll start with Hillary Clinton because “HER” story is the least complicated. Let’s get started.
Many Americans don’t like Hillary Clinton and haven’t for a long time. Many Americans thought Hillary Clinton was boring, lacked new ideas and was out of touch with the lives and needs of everyday people. But worst of all, too many Americans didn’t trust Hillary Clinton and haven’t for a long time. To those Democrats, Hillary Clinton was unacceptable and they wanted more choices. The DNC ignored all that. The Democratic Party elites made one of those closed door, back room decisions to nominate Hillary Clinton despite “HER” sky-high negatives. They tried to get slick, but they weren’t slick enough. Progressives aren’t as stupid as the average Democrat.
Unfortunately, when the Progressive wing of the Party balked en masse, Democratic Party elites ignored them, too. After all, what else can the malcontents do, vote for Donald Trump? With such a scum-bag at the top of the Republican ticket, the DNC establishment relied on the “HE’s” worse than “HER” strategy. But, a lot of Progressives, Liberals and Independents wanted someone and something to vote for, not just someone or something to vote against. Having Hillary Clinton forced on them only pissed them off. And since they refused to accept the line of “a vote for anyone but Clinton was a waste”, the results of the establishment’s efforts should have been predicted. Some stayed home, others wrote in any old name on their ballot to send a message, while still others went Green or Libertarian. And although the email scandal didn’t help, it was those sky-high negatives that sealed “HER” fate. Case closed. 
Now that we understand why Hillary Clinton lost, we’ll explain how and why Donald Trump will be defeated in 2020. Like the Democratic elites, Donald Trump will quickly grow drunk with power, because some Republicans are already talking about him having a mandate. And given the fact that they’ve won the White House, while maintaining control of both the House of Representatives and the Senate, the old adage of “power corrupts, but absolute power corrupts absolutely” is more than apropos here. 
Think of what we know of Donald Trump’s character. He’ll be out of control from day one. Nobody on earth will be able to tell him a damn thing. Already planning to hit Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act with a sledgehammer, the dumb bastard has no idea what to replace it with. Reverting back to the health insurance industry’s preferred and most profitable model of providing coverage to only heathy people won’t go over well. Republicans have preexisting conditions, too. They’ll want their kids covered on their policies until the age of 26 as well. Republicans won’t accept annual and lifetime limits anymore than Democrats will, going forward. Donald Trump will have to reveal his “secret” affordable healthcare alternative that’s been hidden all this time. And when he can’t deliver, his base will begin to silently wonder WTF is going on.
It won’t be long before his base begin to ask when “The Wall” between the United States and Mexico will be built. They’ll want to know when Mexico will cut the check for the cost of the materials. They’re expecting thousands of jobs to be created to construct and defend that wall. It also won’t belong before his base demand to see millions of Muslims and undocumented Mexicans being deported daily. Its because undocumented Mexicans have been taking American jobs and untrustworthy Muslims lurking about, they’ll want them gone sooner than later. However identifying, locating and rounding up millions of people who’ve started families, built business and woven themselves into the cultural fabric of this country won’t be as easy as Donald Trump said it’ll be. Still, his base will hold him accountable when he can’t deliver. And they”ll begin to wonder WTF is going on aloud.
It won’t be long before his base begin to ask when all the middle class jobs will be brought back to the United States. They’re expecting Donald Trump to renege on every free trade agreement the United States has ever signed to make that happen. They’re expecting to see help wanted signs for $25.00-$30.00 per hour factory jobs with generous benefit packages popping up in their communities sooner than later. These people have been suffering in silence a long time, so they won’t be very patient. And when Donald Trump fails to come even close to delivering on any of his core promises to make America great again, his base will go F-ing berserk. 
Bottom line: Signs of Trump’s administration imploding will become noticeable within the first nine months, if not less. Donald Trump and the Republican Party should have been more careful of what they wished for, because they’ll no longer be able to do nothing but criticize and obstruct. They’ve found themselves in the unenviable position of having to create millions of good paying jobs, produce an affordable healthcare alternative, keep the nation safe and cut taxes for everybody at the same time. And since they won’t have the Democrats to blame for failing miserably at delivering on all those promises, the door will be left wide open for a viable third Party to finally emerge. In all honesty, our efforts were never to defeat Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. Our efforts are to defeat America’s Two Party System. And we think we’re making progress. So be patient, this is how a non-violent revolution works in the 21st century. Podcast below.