Issues Under Fire: GOP: Fund the Wall or Say Goodbye to Dreamers
While the GOP is busy pointing fingers, assigning blame and looking for scapegoats, they’re failing to realize, Americans know what’s going on. They know the GOP is using the Dreamers as bargaining chips to keep the government from shutting down and getting funding for “the wall”. They’ve seen this type of political bullshit before. Americans know if there was a will, Republicans would’ve found a way to do the right thing. And the right thing was obvious from the moment Barack Obama signed the executive order to provide the Dreamers a modicum of hope. Unfortunately, that hope was predicated upon Congress following through.
By every measure, these innocents did nothing wrong other than following their parents wherever they were told to. It’s what children do. Americans understand these children had no choice, no option or any way to protest. They know most of the kids were too young to even know what they were running from, let alone where they were running to. They know America is the only country the Dreamers call home. They know families will be torn apart. So, the question is, why would the GOP do this very mean thing? And no, this is not a rhetorical question. We got the answer.
For those who’ve been paying attention, they know America is embroiled in a racially motivated political civil war and has been since the election of Barack Obama. Some are enjoying it. It’s about time they say. Many refused to accept or acknowledge Barack Obama as their president. He wasn’t born in America they said. He was a closet Muslim they said. And, he was Black. While the country was slowly, but steadily progressing in the realm of race relations, many felt something was wrong. Something was very wrong. They wanted things they way they were. They wanted to turn the clock back to a time when White was right. Enter Donald Trump.
After eight years of pent-up rage and festering anger along came a man who felt that pain. Donald Trump, “The Great White Hope” saw an untapped reservoir of hate, ignorance and religious intolerance to be harnessed. Wise enough to avoid the ire of African-Americans, Trump targeted Brown people. Mexicans specifically. They were easy to demonize. And he did so with gusto. Trump’s crowds roared when he called them drug dealers, criminals, and rapists. He branded them as a scourge to be removed from America by any means necessary. He promised to build a wall to keep the bad Brown people out. Besides, the few good Brown people were taking jobs away from White people and this too had to stop. 
His base was whipped up into a frenzy. And they wanted more. So, Donald Trump delivered. He started hiring more ICE agents. Arrests, detentions, and deportations were televised. Big, burly, thick-necked law enforcers pictured handcuffing suspected illegals, pleased those who feared the Browning of America to no end. The GOP realized no matter what Trump did, said or Tweeted, his base of support would remain loyal. They want their country back and they’re willing to fight for it. When the GOP recognized Trump had captured the hearts and minds of the angry White wing of the Republican Party, rather than fight him, they’re covering for him. 
Bottom line: The GOP knows Donald Trump’s demands to fund the “Wall” in exchange for doing what’s right is inhumane. But they also know, Trump’s base has become so addicted to his red meat rhetoric, it was worth taking the calculated risk of attaching funding for the “Wall” to the fate of the Dreamers. The GOP is betting they can pin the backlash of a government shutdown on the Democrats. They’re betting they can muddy the political waters enough to conceal their complicity and culpability. From this observer’s perspective, the GOP is making a bad bet, because Americans have had a year to figure it out. Podcast below.