You know, it really is a shame our last post before closing for summer-break could be misconstrued as sounding like sour grapes, but in our view, congratulating Hillary Clinton’s “historic milestone” would be tantamount to validating a fraud.

For those astute enough to recognize what really happened on the road to Hillary Clinton being the Democrat’s presumptive nominee, they realized “We the People” may have a voice, but “We the People” never had a chance. And that’s why we can’t leave without wondering aloud about Barack Obama’s role in the con. After all, he is the ultimate head of the Democratic Party.

Hillary Clinton speaks at the 2008 Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Denver, Colorado. Photo: Getty Images

If you believe as we do, that even before the race started, the DNC establishment used its power and influence to scare off potential opposition by soaking up all the money, padding Hillary Clinton’s super-delegate account, while scheduling as few debates as possible during the oddest time periods, then you have to ask yourselves, what was Barack Obama thinking while this was going on? If you believe as we do, that the DNC did little in the way of voter registration drives because it knew most new voters entering the process would likely favor the Bernie Sanders message, again you’d have to ask yourselves, what did the President think about this?

When we compared Bernie Sanders’ message to Barack Obama’s message of hope and change, as well as what he “claimed” to stand for and believe in, the similarities are stunning to say the least. From policy proposals to providing a dignified social safety net for senior citizens, to a vision of the future for America’s youth, Barack Obama and Bernie Sanders could not have been closer. From the economy to the environment, from high rates of incarceration, to the high cost of an education, Bernie Sanders and Barack Obama were on the same page. Therefore, one is hard pressed to ask, how could President Obama sit silently, while the one man who’d most likely advance Obama’s “stated” agenda gets thrown under the bus so easily?
If Barack Obama truly had the American people’s interest at heart, he’d have to acknowledge the fact that Hillary Clinton’s proposals are a far cry from meeting the needs of a very needy America. He, better than anyone, knows Hillary Clinton will never push for a robust Public Option to compete with the corporate healthcare products currently being forced upon America. He knows better than anyone else, that Hillary Clinton will never stand up to the Israeli lobby or its operatives in Congress. He should know Hillary Clinton is unlikely to follow through on her criminal justice reform promises. Hell, it was hers and Bill Clinton’s policies that made those reforms promises necessary in the first place.
In a few days, perhaps less, President Obama will embrace, endorse and start campaigning for Hillary Clinton. From all reported accounts, Barack Obama can’t wait to make his best case against Donald Trump and the GOP. And as head of the Democratic Party, he’ll do just that. He’ll state with passion how unfit “The Donald” is to be Commander-in-Chief. He’ll tell the nation and the world how dangerous a Trump presidency will be. He’ll have clever lines and sharp barbs to get the dummied down electorate all hyped up. So much so, few will remember they’re only voting for Hillary Clinton to vote against Donald Trump.
Still, from this observer’s perspective, Barack Obama is going to have a difficult time convincing the Left that a woman totally devoid of imagination, offering nothing but a plan guaranteed to slow walk America’s middle class down a path without a future, is worth their time and energy, let alone their attention or vote. Even with Barack Obama’s gift of gab, Hillary Clinton is gonna be a hard sell to Progressives, Independents and what’s left of thinking Democrats, who now legitimately wonder if Barack Obama was part of the setup.
Bottom line: If Barack Obama really was the Progressive minded Democrat America believed in, supported and voted for twice, there’s no way in hell he would’ve allowed Party elites get away with robbing Sanders, his supporters and by extension, the American people. There is no way in hell he could have looked the other way when a favorite had been picked, the rules were being bent and the deck stacked so blatantly against voters of his own ilk. And it’s no way in hell, a truly progressive minded Obama could’ve stood-by and watched his loyal followers and believers be conned into accepting lower than a living wage and endless college debt, while leaving those staring retirement in the face in the lurch of their lives.
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