Day 1 After the Assault on Gaza: While Israelis hail their conquering cowards, the residents of Gaza tentatively, cautiously and suspiciously venture out into rubble littered streets of neighborhoods they once called home. Tired, hungry, fear-stricken children sit silently in the dirt, as others play mindlessly atop dangerous piles of debris. While men rummage though ruins for anything useful, women beg borrow and barter to keep their kids feed another day. This is the ugly aftermath.

No electricity, no fresh water, no sewerage and only food rations (for the lucky) is what greets returning Palestinians to towns like Beit Hanoun and Shijaiyah. With regular warm meals, regular hot showers, and a safe soft space to rest one’s head regularly, still weeks, if not months away, life in Gaza will remain little more than a living hell. Far better off now from the 24/7 shelling Palestinians became accustomed to perhaps, but the way forward will be hardly a life worth living by anyone’s stretch of the imagination.

While most won’t give a shit, when the technologically superior IDF returned to base and bars to revel in a perceived win, some amongst their ranks will question what they’ve done in Gaza. Some will wonder if they went too far. Some will wonder if there was another way. Some will find it difficult to sleep their nights all the way through for awhile. Some will find it difficult to look themselves in the mirror for a long time. Some will never be able to forget the nightmare they brought upon the innocent. Some may even pray for forgiveness.

Unfortunately, that “some” referred to above, is a pathetic fraction of Israeli sentiment. With overwhelming support for “Operation Protective Edge”, Israel has demonstrated, a nation conceived without a heart, conscience or soul is not a nation and never will be. Any people, proudly announcing to the world there is no act too heinous to consider if it will achieve their goals, can not be allowed to claim and or retain nation status. In the eyes of the world Israel has reduced itself to no more than a dangerous and despised rogue regime, with unlimited resources. (If only money could buy love.)

Bottom line: For all the killing and devastation Israel’s “Operation Protective Edge” visited upon Gaza, it actually accomplished three things very positive outcomes for the Palestinians. For one, it solidified the unity the Palestinian people. Speaking as one now, Israel will find it exceedingly challenging to continue the divide and conquer routine.

Also, “Operation Protective edge” provided a spotlight for the Palestinian struggle. That spotlight, helped the world see though Israel’s decades of deceptions and finally understand the psychotically cruel policies Israel employs to manage the occupation. But, most damaging of all, the Palestinian people gained the world’s respect for just surviving “Operation Protective Edge”. Few among us a could say with certainty they could have stuck to their guns and principals while facing such a blindly savage foe.

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