If its Friday, its chill day as far as we’re concerned. There is no reason the kill one’s self working like an American. Its not as though working hard increases one’s chances of getting rich, so why not enjoy the better things in life like goofing off. Its fun, its free and its something everybody would rather do if they really thought about it. We’ll see you Monday, but in the meantime we got a cool movie to share starring Chester Morris as Boston Blackie.

Blackie and the Runt rescue some dame who gets jacked right in front of their hangout. Turns out, this chicks is one of Blackie’s ex-hotties and just like that, we got a crazy mystery to solve. Enjoy and share BTW, this is the tenth of fourteen Columbia Pictures crime films starring Chester Morris as Boston Blackie. You can watch it here or download below to take it to go. Now ain’t that nice of us?