Showing no signs of backing down, giving in or bending over, Iran’s Supreme leader vowed to maintain Iran’s fundamental right to enrich fissile material. Calling Israelis the warmongering dogs of the Middle East while addressing his military commanders in Tehran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei let Western powers know his negotiators have limits that will not be breached, sanctions or no sanctions.

  This hardly sounds like somebody ready to capitulate to Western demands of a total dismantlement of Iran’s nuclear energy pursuits. Here is where the possible breakthrough can easily begin to breakdown. Thus far the West has convinced itself, it was the crippling economic sanctions that forced Iran to the bargaining table. This was a major miscalculation and a complete misreading of the Iranian’s offers for dialog.

Anyone who’d taken the time to closely observe the Iranian message, would have understood Iran never deviated one iota from their original positions. Iran may be stating its case with softer words but compromising on its underlying principals is just not in that proud nation’s DNA.


Perhaps if the Western powers had done its homework, it would have discovered how steadfast Iran was tied to its determination to achieve and maintain all rights enjoyed by any sovereign state. With a history of consistent stubborn defiance in the face of international isolation, it begs one to wonder why the West would attempt to publicly humiliate Iran during these sensitive talks.

 Perhaps if the NSA had spied on its number one foe as much as it did on its friends, the United States would have secured the vital intelligence needed before engaging in this zero sum game. They would have known for certain how Tehran would respond to Western demands and perhaps delayed engaging in dialog. Without some face saving fig leaf to take cover behind, the West may have to face the finger when Iran tells Israel and company to go to hell.

 The reality is, Israel and their cohorts have little support if any from their populations back home to attack Iran. The best the West can conjure up at this late stage is more crippling sanctions and even that might prove unsustainable for much longer.

If one were to make an educated guess as to the outcome of these negotiations, wiser minds will conclude, the West will blink first. The P5+1 and their not so silent partner have bluffed and blustered for so long, the Iranians are sure to walk away confident they can take whatever the West is capable of dishing out.

Bottom line: When back into a corner, the Iranians are willing to fight no matter what the odds. Unfortunately, its highly doubtful the West really anticipated that.