Does Mohammed Morsi have the will and the skills to wheel and deal his country through a minefield of domestic and international pressures. On day one of his Presidency, Mohammed Morsi will have the global spotlight watching his every move, statement and political appointment. These are just the obvious issues being monitored with great interest and concern. 

Fortunately, we’ll all have a clear indication of President Morsi’s abilities and intentions through the selection of his cabinet. We’ll know if he is broadminded enough to include women, Coptic Christians, business leaders and liberal secularists among his crew. We’ll also know if his shoulders are broad enough to deal with the push-back from those less broadminded. 

When Egyptian President-Elect Mohammed Morsi takes the reigns of a desert nation thirsting for leadership they can trust, support and believe in, he’ll face challenges pulling from the far Right and the far Left. Its going to take an individual with an exceptional character to keep Egypt’s fragile democracy from being torn apart before the people have a chance to come together. 

If President Morsi is not the man for the job, SCAF will be in the background, at the ready to reestablish their dominance. If Morsi can’t or won’t manage Egypt’s diverse experience equitably from the very start, political fissures will quickly form competing factions SCAF will be happy to exploit. 

Considering Egypt can’t bask in the euphoria of their new possibilities forever, time is of the essence. At the end of the day, Morsi has to get some coin in the pockets of his people. Like everywhere else in the world, Egypt has to get its economy restarted. Should Morsi find himself mired in the muck of religiously inspired conflict, the freedoms Egyptians fought for still won’t put food on the table or any career options to plan for. 

But even if President Morsi’s has the will and the skills to make his deeds match his words, he’ll still need to be clever, crafty, politically savvy and most importantly charismatic enough to capture and hold his constituent’s attention and respect. Since he’ll have to derive his power and domestic influence from the Egyptian people, it wouldn’t be wise to initiate any narrowly focused agendas that’ll galvanize a few while alienating the many. 

In the run up to his historic victory, Morsi smartly maintained a moderate manner, laced with the flowery language of cooperation, inclusiveness, tolerance and equality for both sexes. A big tent policy was the only way to go. Before Mohammed Morsi can begin his tussle with SCAF for more authority down the line, he is going to need every Egyptian he can get and keep in his corner tent.