Quickly descending into street level savagery, it’s clearly evident Israel’s leadership has failed miserably in mitigating the hate driven violence now consuming the so-called holiest space in the world. Allegedly fighting off hand to hand knife attacks from juvenile assailants, Jewish citizens have been authorized to carry handguns and given the green light to shoot to kill if they feel the need. Although this observer has witnessed human butchery like this before, its never been seen in a high tech civilized environment. This is something very new and exponentially more dangerous.
While Israel may insist upon touting itself as the world’s innovation nation, over the years it has become anything but civilized. When a nation has to protect itself against itself with guns, roadblocks, 27/7 surveillance, blast-proof walls and mass incarcerations, that nation’s leadership has led the citizenry to the brink of collapse or has allowed the citizenry to led the leadership in that direction. In either case, the hateful have joined forces with the intolerant. This is short term, knee jerk thinking.
One would expect a people of considerable intellect, to have found a viable solution to the cyclical violence that only intensifies with each occurrence. One would think problem solvers wouldn’t tolerate the constant instability insecurity and insanity that pervades every aspect of their lives. How a so-called civilized people could not only accept such conditions as a way of life, a necessary evil or simply pretend things will get better without making an effort is a mystery. This is a mystery screaming to be solved.
As the world watches Israel respond to violence with nothing but more violence, its becoming painfully obvious, progressive thinking is at an all time low and smarter moderate mindsets have been sidelined, marginalized or simply no longer exist. Surly someone in Israeli leadership is capable of finding a more humane answer to violent Palestinian youth gone amok, than simply shooting to kill on sight. No matter how dangerous they prove to be, the world won’t forget, the Palestinian youth protesting and fighting in the streets are still children. This is a public relations nightmare.
And as children, they won’t be held as accountable for their actions as a government of laws failing to exercise restraint will be. Ignoring cases of vigilante justice being meted out or worse, assisted and protected by military and policing authorities, will only make an already inhumane crisis worse. With blood thirsty revenge seeking lynch mobs roaming the streets, there should be  immediate international monitoring allowed to independently review circumstances as they occur. Left unreported, a story like this could produce unprecedented acts of horror. And these unprecedented type horrors could invite unprecedented acts of retaliation.
Bottom line: As the French presses the U.N. Security Council for a statement calling for international observers to be deployed on the Temple Mount, it might be wise for U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry to expand on that idea when he meets Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu in Germany this week. While no one on earth has ever been able to temper Israeli aggression and overreach throughout its occupation of the Palestinian territories, this latest round of violence might require an unprecedented international response.
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