Day 21 of the Assault on Gaza: After a week of US intense diplomatic efforts nets less than a few hours of a ceasefire for Palestinians to retrieve and bury the dead and maybe stock up on modest provision for the next wave of attacks, Israel’s Prime Minister Benejamin Netanyahu plastered his mug all over U.S. media this weekend, hoping to convince “dumb” Americans the carnage taking place in Gaza is in no way the fault of Israel.

As the death toll in the Gaza Strip blast past 1,050 and the wounded too many to accurately count anymore, Netanyahu claims Hamas is responsible for the death and devastation of the Palestinian people. If they’d only lay down their weapons, stop firing rockets and accept their miserable fate quietly, Israel wouldn’t have to kill so many of them.

By Israel’s account, Hamas is forcing civilians in the Gaza Strip to walk in front of IDF bullets, to sit calmly inside homes targeted for destruction, to stand idly by while being shelled by tanks and bombed by f-16s. According to Benjamin Netanyahu, the Palestinians are giving up their lives just to make Israel look bad. According to Benjamin Netanyahu, Hamas’ sole goal is to commit suicide by IDF so the world will take its anger out on Israel.

While zero evidence of any such human sacrifices has surfaced to verify these insanely contrived notions, Benjamin Netanyahu and U.S. officials covering up Israeli war crimes have no choice but to promote and maintain this despicable narrative. The fact that by the end of Israel’s assault on Gaza, 1,500-2000+ Palestinians (mostly women and children) will have been slaughtered while the entire world watched, the United States’ only hope is to sustain this lie until things cool off. Israel, having no conscience, shame nor soul, couldn’t care less of what the world thinks of it.

Unfortunately for the Obama administration, it may be awhile before Israel’s had its fill of the kill. Although the United States is obsequiously committed to Israel’s security, even at the expense of its own, it won’t be able to keep the deception alive forever. People around the world can see what’s happening for themselves and they’re actively, some violently making their feelings known. Perhaps some dumb-ass Americans will remain in the dark a bit longer, but even the easily outwitted will eventually see through the fog.

Bottom line: All the spin, propaganda, false narratives and outright lies, no matter how cleverly concocted or professionally delivered, will be able to conceal the wanton and reckless atrocities being perpetrated by Israel and supported by the United States in Gaza.

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