Issues Under Fire: How Donald Trump is Planning the Election’s After-Fight

Call us lunatics if you will, but as we inch ever so closer to the end of this political shitstorm being marketed as the U.S. 2016 election, we’re actually hoping Donald Trump holds to his word and refuses to accept election results if he loses. Think of the chaos, the turmoil, the confusion, the disruption and the uncertainty that’ll be unleashed. By sticking to his story that the system is rigged, Donald Trump can singlehandedly undermine the integrity of America’s entire political infrastructure. And the best part of this scorched earth strategy is, Trump won’t have to prove a damn thing.
Over the last eighteen months, the American people have born witness to nothing but sleazy political shit-slingers, who did no more than savage one another for the slightest advantage in the polls. And if only half the accusations made about the candidates being liars, cheats, thieves, tax dodgers, crooks, corrupt political insiders, scam artists, bullies, misogynists and worse can be believed, then it would stand to reason, only a rigged and corrupt political system could produce such a crop of horribly flawed characters. How else could Americans end up with a Donald Trump or a Hillary Clinton as a final choice for any political office, let alone the presidency? But wait, it gets worse. We watched this political scum-fest take down the FBI.
When FBI Director James Comey put his hand on the scale at the last minute to give Hillary Clinton a clean legal bill of health, he provided the fuel to fire up Donald Trump’s very credible conspiracy theory. Just two days before the election and Donald Trump is trumpeting “Right now she’s being protected by a rigged system.” “It’s a totally rigged system. I’ve been saying it for a long time.” And he has too. But that’s not all he’s saying. Donald Trump told a crowd of his devotees in Sterling Heights Michigan, “Hillary Clinton is guilty, she knows she’s guilty and the FBI knows it.” Now, an accusation like that could get skeptics thinking like cynics and vice versa. Suspicious minds will eat this raw red meat up and ask for seconds.
Even those not predisposed to conspiracy theories will wonder who’s powerful enough to get to the Director of the FBI? What would it have taken to get him to back off of the Clinton email issue so abruptly and with such finality, just in time to slow Trump’s late surge of momentum? Will the Russians via Wikileaks reveal someday Director Comey is living a lifestyle way beyond the means of a public servant’s salary? Does this mean the nation’s top law dog is nothing more than a Clinton lap dog? Does the Clinton’s corrosive reach expand beyond the FBI? Maybe so, because we saw this political scum-fest take down the Justice Department down a notch or two as well.
When the Attorney General of the United States, Loretta Lynch, met with Bill Clinton aboard a private plane (quite inappropriately), while his wife was still under a federal investigation, she too became part of Donald Trump’s clever little plan to let the shit hit the fan. Although the Attorney General insisted the meeting was purely social and nothing more than family, golf and travel was discussed, you’ve got to ask yourselves, what rabid Republican, distrusting Independent or enlightened Progressive is gonna buy that explanation in this day and age? Issues like this can stimulate one’s imagination.
Even those who want to believe in President Obama will wonder if he and the Attorney General quietly agreed to mitigate Hillary Clinton’s legal woes if the heat got too hot. Besides, after the way the DNC blatantly got away with robbing Bernie Sanders, while his supporters felt President Obama only feigned impartiality, a lot more than Trump followers will wonder if he too is part of  Hillary Clinton’s “Crooked Crew”. It’s no secret that “principled” Democrats, Liberals and Progressive-minded voters are still wondering how Barack Obama could embrace and endorse Hillary Clinton so warmly knowing how “We the People” feel about her. 
And now that we think about it, how is Barack Obama planning to feather his nest after leaving the Oval Office? Has he made a few deals to peddle influence once back in private life? Will he too become inexplicably super rich after leaving the White House broke and destitute, as the Clinton’s claim to have been upon their exit. While we’re sure Barack Obama’s memoirs will rock the New York Times best sellers list, it’s doubtful they’ll earn enough to keep Michelle and the girls in the lifestyle they’ve become accustomed to. Let’s face it, you don’t go from eight years on Air-Force One back to American Airlines, even if it is business class.
Bottom line: If Donald Trump looses this election, he’s already set the stage for one hellacious after-fight. He’s built an army of rabidly angry and delusional supporters who’ll be waiting for any sign, nod or outright order to wreak civil unrest to vent their rage against a system that’s preventing America from being great again. Donald Trump has been priming his supporters for months to be prepared for this eventuality. If handled properly, this combustible situation could get out of hand. And in this observer’s opinion, perhaps that’s just what America needs.