Congress Delays Minimum Wage Debate:

After screwing over the long-term unemployed by failing to extend benefits, Congress has decided to shelve the minimum wage debate until an unspecified date. Lacking any sense of urgency to bring relief to millions of the hard working poor, Congressional representatives will take off on another extended break leaving millions working for peanuts, still working for peanuts.

With Democrats making symbolic gestures to shame the shameless through some obscure legislative maneuvers they already know won’t net much, the effort is more of an insulting political stunt than anything else. For those who’ve found themselves at the bottom of the America’s economic heap, they should plan to be there for a long time.

In fact,  generations of Americans could find themselves permanent residents of Loserville as kids watch their loser parents work their fingers to the bone, but still can’t put more than bones on the table for all that hard labor.

If working two, even three low wage jobs will hardly provide the resources to raise a well adjusted child prepared to enter a competitive world, then another generation of natural born losers entering society is a foregone conclusion. Any parent viewed as a loser in the eyes of of his or her kids, those kids have almost zero chances of realizing any meaningful success.

Life As An American Loser

Hence, the ugly question; what type of role model can a loser parent possibly make? When drinking, drugging and domestic violence are added to the mix, and they almost always are in the life of the permanently poor, one will be hard pressed to find much more than angry uncouth unruly street urchins making life miserable for all until they’ve grown old enough to be incarcerated.

As Congress continues to move at a snails pace in providing solutions to lousy low wage labor offerings, the working poor continue to fall deeper into despair. Since leaving SNAP under funded and the long-term unemployed behind, another ugly question has to be asked; Where does the working poor go and what do the working poor do when they  finally realize life as a loser is inescapable.

These questions and more must be explored openly and honestly, for ignoring them could prove dangerous. Turning a blind eye to the fate of people who’ve exhausted all options save for food pantries and panhandling could have the most desperate considering the unthinkable; Crime and Violence!