How the Filthy Rich Will Plan to Rule Us
In case you haven’t noticed, the war between “The Rich” and “We the People” has just escalated and “We the People” appear to be losing badly. With Donald Trump’s latest cabinet picks for Secretary of Commerce, Treasury and Education all being billionaires, all with global agendas, influence and reach, it’s difficult to envision them having much interest in the everyday concerns of everyday people. Billionaires simply don’t have the time for such nonsense. By now you should know, these people aren’t taking these jobs to help make America great again, they’re taking these jobs for the power, profits and prestige. And if you give us a moment, we’ ll explain what that means, going forward.
Like it or not, for the time being, we’re all at the mercy of the merciless. As the rich and powerful take their places atop our lives, it won’t be long before you’ll notice an arrogance, a swagger, a “we know what’s best for you” attitude emanating from them. At first, many will accept it because they’re smart, they’re rich and successful people. They know how to get things done. Since none of us have found a way to reach their levels in life, many will listen, trust and wait to see what the rich and powerful will deliver. And those who voted for President-elect “Twittiot”, will listen, trust and wait the longest. But little do they know, their fates, as well as the rest of ours, have been sealed. Well, at least in the short term.
Because we’re certain nothing in the upper echelons of power ever happens by accident, we have to presume the rich and powerful already have plans for our futures. And if past behaviors are any indicator, military conflicts will become part of our lives in a big way again. In fact, many of the jobs Donald Trump promised may end up in the military. For those who don’t opt for seeing the Middle East with the U.S. Marine Corp, they’ll face stagnate wages because rich people have a vested interest in suppressing labor costs. That’s what they do. That’s how they got rich and that’s how they’re staying rich. If you do the math, you’ll see it can’t happen any other way. 
As the realities of American serfdom begin to set in as more people are forced to rent due to low wages and scarce opportunities, many will begin to question the rich and powerful. They’ll want to know why those corporate tax cuts didn’t boost the economy. They’ll want to know why Wall Street seems to be doing so much better than Main Street. They’ll want to know where’s The Wall. But mostly, they’ll want to know where all those $25 an hour manufacturing jobs are. But the rich and powerful will be prepared for the angry mob’s questions. The mob will be reminded, America is at war with a global Islamic threat. It will be all over the news. Naturally, the defense of U.S. interests around the world, as well as homeland security, are a priority. Stay vigilant they’ll say. We’re all in this together.
Since this conflict will be billed as a religious war, many in the Unites States will buy in, shut up and let the blood flow. Besides, a sizable number of Americans have been itching for a Christian vs Islam showdown since 9/11 anyway. So they’ll be easy to manage. For those who bitch, the rich and powerful will deploy their militarized law enforcement tools to quell any prolonged dissent. A preview of this can be seen playing out right now at the North Dakota Pipeline. Police, at the behest of Big Oil, are using tear gas and water canons on protesters in temperatures that have fallen below freezing. The very individuals who’ve sworn to protect and serve “We the People”, are actually doing the dirty work of the filthy rich. Were it not for veterans pledging to use their bodies as human shields against the tools of the powerful, the people’s right to protest would be crushed on those frozen, wind swept plains. 
Since the rich and powerful will be taking over the EPA, they’re expecting to make millions investing in air pollution mask and water testing kits to be sold nationwide. They’re already planning to cut as many “job killing” regulations as they possibly can in the first 100 days of the Twittiot’s administration. Unfortunately, what “We the People” aren’t being told is which regulations they’re talking about. Will you ever be sure the burger you bit into for lunch didn’t lose a horse race? Did the chicken you’re feeding the family ever have feathers or is it just a chicken flavored mystery? Considering food-borne illnesses have been on the rise for the last twenty years due to contaminated meat, produce and other food products, the last thing Americans need is a cut back on regulations, standards or inspections of anything. But because rich people don’t eat what “We the People” eat, this isn’t a problem. This is profit.
Bottom line: The rich and powerful have played Americans for suckers so long, most never saw the takeover coming. One day “We the People” had a future to plan for and out of the clear blue sky came the dark times. Like an unexpected storm blanketing our lives with clouds of doubt, fear and uncertainty, the winds of this harsh new reality slapped the shit out of the unprepared and unsuspecting. At first it was thought the dark times would pass soon, because Americans are optimistic and resilient by nature. But the rich and powerful have us in their clutches now and these dark times may be here to stay. Podcast below.