Issues Under Fire: Immigration Debate, ICE Agents, Doomed Dreamers
After decades of sidestepping or outright ignoring immigration reform, Congress is finally addressing the issue. This week the GOP controlled Senate is honoring a promise to hold an open debate and take a vote on any Bill put forward to rectify all flaws (real and imagined) of U.S. immigration policy. If the Senate is able to produce a bipartisan Bill with 60 votes, it’s expected to go to the House of Representatives for review and modification. If that Senate Bill can survive a House vote, it’s expected to be sent to the White House for the President’s signature. But, if you believe there’ll be a happy ending to this story, you’re dreaming. We’ll explain.
The writing is on the wall (no pun intended) and it has been there since the first government shutdown. Those supporting the Dreamers have no leverage. The minute the government was funded, the Dreamers were doomed. The White House is holding all the cards now. No matter what the Senate and House sends to the Oval Office for Trump’s signature, if it doesn’t meet his fundamental demands for a big beautiful border wall, ending “chain migration” aka “family unification” and essentially banning people from Brown skinned countries by terminating the diversity lottery visa program, he’s expected to veto it. In fact, Trump’s base won’t tolerate anything less. We’ll explain.
If you’ve been paying attention, you’ve had to notice, ICE agents are actually on the hunt for the undocumented. They’ve been unleashed like Mississippi bloodhounds chasing after escaped slaves. And they’re merciless too. Initially, Americans were led to believe the worst of the worst would be targeted for immediate removal. But when a Kansas chemistry professor with no criminal history and a valid permit to work in the U.S. is arrested while taking his daughter to school, one has to wonder if his race played a role in the decision to round him up. And if so, what does that say about the arresting ICE agents? 
One has to wonder, are these ICE agents purely motivated by a sense of duty, or is there something darker, more sinister and unmentionable involved. This is where the truth needs to be examined closely for once. When an ICE agent comes upon an undocumented person during the hunt, do they assess a threat level to the community or the country, or do they simply arrest and detain any “Brown Skin” with an accent that can’t prove legal status to be in the United States? If the latter is true, then one can understand why many of the undocumented live in a constant state of fear. 
Many agents will insist they’re just doing their job. They’re just following their orders. They’re just protecting their homeland. And while that may be true, America’s history of race relations would suggest some ICE agents just want to make their America White again. For these ICE agents, this is a Dream job. They get to hunt down the people they don’t like. The fact that “The Hunted” has a job, a family, pays taxes and have no criminal history is of no consequence. In reality, all those positives could work against the undocumented. How dare these people to come to this country and do better than me, the arresting agents are asking themselves. Could that be the threat some ICE agents assess
Bottom line: If this analysis has any merit whatsoever, the Dreamers and their families are doomed and have been since the day Trump was elected. These debates and the final outcome will expose America for what it is and always has been. A racially divided nation with no intention of changing. The primary evidence to support this observation is the insistence to end the diversity visa program and the zeal in which ICE is exercising its duties and authorities. Plain and simple. Case closed. End of story. Podcast below.