Issues Under Fire: Your Mind, Body and Soul
It’s because of our steadfast commitment to sharing lessons of life learned, we’re gonna veer off the path of “how the world really works” today, to help anyone interested in better understanding how life really works. If you were fortunate enough to be born with all your body parts, of average intelligence and not inherently evil, congratulations, you entered this world with a properly functioning mind, body and soul. However, if you don’t take care of these important components of life, your life could be fu@ked! Let us explain.
If you Google for Mind, Body and Soul, you’ll find the usual 7 tips for this and that on how to relax, a lot of sh*t about holistic healing, instructions in meditation, nutritional guides, yoga teachings and even pilates lessons. You’ll also find a lot of day spas, retreats and wellness classes offered for stress reduction sessions. And while I can’t personally recommend any particular path to “keeping your sh*t together”, we are warning, doing nothing could lead to the loss of your mind, body and soul. And since the last thing you want to loose is your mind, we’ll start there.
If you were fortunate enough to enter this world with a mind capable of solving your own problems and thinking independently, you want to protect that mind as though it was worth its weight in gold, because it is. We live in a complicated and unforgiving world and you need to have your wits about you at all times. Your mind has to think, guide and make all of your decisions. If your own mind is the first thing you consult when you have a dilemma (and it should be), that mind needs regular exercise. It needs to be challenged daily and never abused. If you’re drinking and drugging regularly to relax or to “ease the pain”, you could inadvertently damage, if not destroy the one thing that separates you from life’s lunatics.
You see the headlines and read the stories everyday about some poor crazy bastard being shot or tazed to death by police officers responding to calls of erratic public behavior. In the last two weeks alone, nutty New Yorkers have suffered such fates. If you even suspect you’re having “issues” we suggest you find someone you trust and talk those issues out as soon as and as best you can. And beware the professionals, some may be too quick to medicate. Think of the side effects. Let’s move on.
If you were fortunate enough to enter this world with a body that can hear, see, feel, smell, taste, walk and talk, like your mind, you want to protect that body as though it was worth its weight in gold, because it is. Without it, you ain’t going anywhere in life. If you’re eating all the wrong foods, consuming sugary drinks, smoking cigarettes, not getting enough sleep or sleeping too much, while avoiding physical activity at any cost, it won’t be long before you’re overweight, stressed out and depressed. Add drugging and drinking to those habits and you can stick a fork in your fat ass, because you’re almost done.
Let’s face it, your body does everything for you. Even without thinking. Most of us wake up, get dressed and go out into the world everyday without giving a second thought to how important that body is until it no longer functions per its original design. Once the body has been pushed beyond its ability to cope with one’s excesses, it’ll breakdown on you like a poorly maintained car. Only, your body is extremely expensive to repair and impossible to replace. So, you’d be wise to heed these words. 
If your were fortunate enough to enter this world with a good soul and not one that’s inherently evil, it’s just as important that you protect it like you’d protect your mind and body, because that soul is worth more than gold. Once lost, a soul could be lost forever. And since souls aren’t born on trees or can’t be bought at Amazon, and if you’re not a “believer”, it’d be wise to develop a set of golden rules or personal code of honor to keep you on the straight and narrow. If you’re rolling with a rough crew, while lying cheating and stealing your way though life, it won’t be long before your soul is facing every soul’s worst nightmare: Karma. 
There’s a heavy price to pay for soiling one’s soul engaging in Machiavellian-like behaviors or worse, embracing the seven deadly sins of lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy or pride. While doing the wrong thing can be fun, exciting, and even financially rewarding beyond one’s wildest imaginations, in the end everybody pays for their misdeeds. And when one finds the price is one’s soul for living a life of excess, no matter what they’ve gained, one shall realize one’s only cheated one’s self.
Bottom line: Wiser minds have learned, the mind, body and soul are the three most important components of life. Each of these components must be given equal attention. They must be synchronized and lived that way. After all, what’s the point of having a sharp mind, if your body is failing or you’ve lost your soul? Podcast below.