Issues Under Fire: In Need of A Little Love
If we were posting as per usual today, you’d have gotten our account of a courageous police chief apologizing for the historic mistreatment of minorities by law enforcement. It took a big man to do that. Big men like this are rare in American policing. This man understands the power of an apology. And considering the ongoing issues which America faces with race, we intend to give this story the full attention it deserves. We just can’t do it today.
Or, we might have written up the latest saga of Wikileaks’ Julian Assange, as reports confirm his internet access was cut off by his Ecuadorian host at their embassy in London. Likely at the behest of U.S. officials being targeted for exposure, an Ecuadorian government looking to establish friendlier relations may be engaging in a bit of quid pro quo. Considering the enormous impact the Wikileaks’ leaks have had on the 2016 elections to date, this too deserves to be explored and explained in greater depth. But again, we just can’t do it today.
Unfortunately, we realized one of our cool crew is in need of a little more love. And while we have plenty of that to give, we think a little understanding would help a lot, too. Every now and then, life can become so upsetting, one needs some time and space to settle down, think things over and talk stuff out with loved ones one can trust. We think it’s the surest way to understand what’s going on in one’s life that may be bringing them down. But understanding takes time. So, we’re going to give this special person in our lives all the time they need.
Although there’s a podcast of the issues mentioned above, Issues Under Fire will return full blast on Monday 10.24.2016 with all the juicy details. In the meantime, we’d like to remind our fans and visitors we’re still posting classic horror movies Monday thru Fridays at RetroVision Media. Until we return next week, feel free to browse around and share a few of our wildest titles with a friend. Podcast below.