During some tough questioning at the Barack Obama-Francois Hollande press conference, it became painfully evident, America has no plan for its future. With all the chatter over 2016, nobody is talking about a plan to move the nation forward. In fact, upon closer inspection. the United States don’t seem to have a plan for a damn thing.

What’s the plan to exit Afghanistan? It can’t be the same plan used to exit Iraq. Look how that turned out. What’s the plan to deal with Syria? It seems as though the administration and its partners are winging it on the fly. What’s the plan for addressing the immigration issue? From what anyone can gather, Congress ain’t planning to do a goddamned thing about immigration. And America has been told as much in no uncertain terms.
When asked what’s the plan to address income inequality, poverty, unemployment, living wages, investments in education, research and development, climate change and renewable energy, the answer is the same; endless partisan debate leading to more endless partisan debate. 
Conversely, when asked about France’s economic malaise, even with Hollande’s 20% approval rating and unemployment at 11% for his countrymen, he responded with France’s plan: The Responsibility Pact. This plan will alleviate taxes on business for the promise of generating 1.8 million “decent” jobs in the near to medium term. While some in Paris are bitching and complaining he has enough backing to hold the naysayers at bay to give his plan a chance.
Does the United States have anything comparable? If it does, its the only secret the United States as been able to keep to itself in years. Signing executive orders and raising the debt ceiling without a row may be helpful, but those are expectations, hardly a plan.
If you look to China, you’ll see the Chinese have a plan. There plan is to surpass the United States as the world most robust economy. They plan to triple the size of their middle-class. President Xi has adopted the term “Chinese Dream.” It is used to describe the aspiration of individual self-improvement in Chinese society. They plan to reach their goals by stealing everything the world develops that ain’t nailed down. One might disagree with their methods, but it is a plan, and it is working.
If you look to Russia, you’ll see the Russians have a plan too. Their plan is to restore Russia’s prominence as a world class leader. They may have to drag a bunch of malcontents kicking and screaming, but given Vladimir Putin’s methods of enforcing cooperation, his plan will likely yield desired results.
If you look to Israel, they too have a plan. Their plan is to annex and hold every inch of land for as far as their eyes can see. While the world looks on in horror at the means they’re employing to reach their desired goal, Israel has always planned well to fall back on US support whenever their plans needs support. So far, so good.
Iran has a plan. Iran’s plan is obvious; get relief from international sanctions, rejoin the international community and force the West to show some respect, while keeping an active nuclear program. One might vehemently argue ulterior motives, but they have a plan and the smart money says its working.
Hell, even Syria’s Bashar al-Assad has a plan. His plan is as obvious as Iran’s plan. Assad’s plan is to remain the leader of Syria by identifying all internal and external threats and ruthlessly and systematically eliminating them. With the backing of Russia, Iran and China, all of whom have plans, he too will likely hang on until things settle down. Since the United States has no better plan to deal with Syria than it does to deal with its own domestic ills, Bashar al-Assad should be sleeping soundly at night. 
Bottom line: Without conversation, there can be no compromise. Without compromise, there can be no agreement. Without an agreement, there can be no plan. If the Obama administration and Congress are incapable of even having a conversation, how can they be expected to ever deliver a plan?