For those who have difficulty thinking outside of the cable box, we thought it might be cool to take you on a trip to reality today. If one consumes to much western media, you could find yourself getting less than an accurate portrayal of some of the most critical issues of our times. The Iran nuclear negotiations with the world’s powers is just such an issue, so you’ll need to pay close attention.
As the negotiations draws closer to a deal, the rhetoric against and demonization of Iran has risen to reach unprecedented lows. With Israel and paid stooges hysterically screaming to the world that Tehran’s evil regime live only for the day nuclear mushroom clouds cover every major Western city, its difficult to determine the true nature of the threat, if indeed a threat actually exist in the first place. The fact that Israel claims Iran has been six months away from producing a nuclear weapon for the last twenty five years, should get you started asking a few more questions.
Since vilifying one’s enemies is a common practice to motivate masses of people to take up arms against others they don’t know or have any reason to be hostile towards, its incumbent upon the individual to recognize propaganda when its being disseminated as news, unbiased analysis or firsthand accounts of any major crisis that could lead to military conflict. When examining the evidence presented against Iran as an anti-Semitic state sponsor of terror, hell-bent on obtaining a nuclear bomb, we found facts to the contrary.
Surprisingly, we found stories of Jews living proudly and peacefully in some of Iran’s largest cities. Even in a country as hostile toward Israel, Jews practice their religion freely and openly daily. While many Jews left Iran after the Islamic Revolution in 1979, most are unaware that Ayatollah Khomeini issued a fatwa (a religious decree) saying that Iranian Jews were different from those in Israel and should be considered an integral part of the Islamic Republic. Most are unaware Jews have lived peacefully in Iran for more than 2500 years. If one considers how many Jews feel about living in Paris these days, one could argue, there’s as much anti-Semitisn in Western Europe as there is any place on earth.
Many who’ve traveled to Iran, have returned with tales that belie the accepted narrative of Iran being hostile to Westerners. Many have found Iranians to be a lot like us. They like Western clothes, movies, music and have an overall positive view of western culture. They are a proud, educated people, with a long, rich history. Were it not for the relentless economic aggression levied against Tehran by Western powers, Iran’s economy would be the envy of many nations of comparative population size.
Despite Iran being one of the most stable forces in the region, Tehran is getting little credit if any for the role they’ve embarked upon to reestablish sanity in Iraq and Syria. Since sending top military tactician (Gen. Qasem Soleimani) to oversee operations in Iraq and provide Iraqi forces with the spine needed to stand and fight, they’ve begun to give the militant maniacs of ISIS more than they can handle. How long it’ll be before Iranian backed forces will retake Tikrit has yet to be determined, but progress is being made daily.
Bottom line: Since those who control the money, control the media and those who control the media control the message, its should be little wonder how they’re controlling the masses. If one is not careful, one could find one’s self being programmed by the West’s mass media propaganda machine to hate on demand. One would be wise to start thinking outside the cable box.