Were this any other day but Friday, we’d be posting our usual oversimplified geopolitical analysis, filled with wild speculation derived from questionable reasoning. But as you know, Fridays is the day we take a break from the intellectual strain of reducing the most critical issues of our times to half baked conclusions.

Still, having a conscience, we do have plans to prepare some serious sloppy copy that’ll address the root causes of violent separatist outbreaks and the resulting primary challenges facing Iraq, Syria and Ukraine in slowing the disintegration of their respective borders. Since these conflicts are extremely fluid and volatile, hopefully someone else has a finger on the world’s pulse for the next 72 hrs., because it won’t be us.

Unfortunately, no matter what transpires over this first weekend of summer, its way to risky to contemplate complicated concepts under the influence of mind altering libations. Besides past experiences reveals, revelations realized in rum bottles rarely resonate in when reality returns. C-Ya Monday.